October 26, 2011

The boys love their sister Campbell!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Pretty low key day around here.  We have started reading Charlotte's Web at breakfast and am trying to start back reading a Bible story then too.  I tell you, the kids eat more at breakfast than any other time of the day.  I feel like a short order cook though I am not cooking anything.  This is the list of food that was eaten today: pancakes, cereal, bananas, sandwich, clementine and milk.  What will we do when they are teenagers?
  • While I sneaked away to take my shower, they all decided this would be a good time to decorate....the boys' faces. What?!?? Yes, I discovered Anderson & Graham with faces covered in markers.  Needless to say, we spent a bit of time cleaning off their faces.
  • Soon it was time for school, then clothes and then the highlight of the day for most-we made acorn cookies.  We have an oak tree outside that shoots acorns down on to the patio.  It is rather frightening if you are out there (remember the kids wearing their bike helmets on the patio?)  I am even afraid to take the baby out there (remember David and Goliath).  Anyway, the acorns drive Robby crazy so we made the cookies for him.  Campbell just set on the bar stool and ate while Reagan worked diligently making the acorns.  Graham and Anderson did pretty good making acorns but still ended up eating quite a bit.
  • After lunch, we took Reagan to meet Kennedy and they played all afternoon at Kennedy's house.  Ms. Jodee even did Reagan's hair for crazy hair night at Sparks.  Reagan had been planning on how to do her hair for a week and seemed very pleased with the way it turned out.  And tonight was shopping night at Sparks-she bought a picture frame, a pen and a tiny zebra.  Oh what fun and she even said that she saved some money-probably just said that to please me.
  • During the afternoon here at home, I set down on the couch to feed Keaton and when I woke up Keaton was sleeping in my arms and Graham was leaning on my sleeping as well.  It was wonderful and Anderson was watching his movie-it was an educational film. (No, really it was-educational about construction vehicles but educational nevertheless)
  • Awana tonight and then home for a snack before bed.  Everyone was crazy hungry again at snack time.  And they were all talking as quick as they could about Awanas.  Reagan was excited about her shopping and the boys were pretty impressed that I was the one that got to talk to Cubbie during the puppet show.  Kind of nice because usually I am on the other side of the curtain when I am in there and can't see the boys.  Though today, I saw them both come in, sit down and listen intently-now, why don't they do that at home?
  • So I have complaints that there are few pictures of Keaton-here is the reason.  When she is asleep, she is in hiding-seriously, I hide her so no one can find her.  When she is awake, I am feeding her or she is wanting to be held so that leaves me little time to photograph that girl.  Just imagine what Reagan looked like and what Anderson looked like and what Graham looked like and a even what Campbell looked like-that is what Keaton looks like.  

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