October 18, 2011

A costume birthday party!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby took the night time feed last night-though in my defense, I did feel pretty horrible when we went to bed with all the yucky head stuff-sore throat, stuffy head and hurting ears.  But I did feel much better this morning.  Anyway, the kids were stirring at the normal time but I overheard them on the monitor wondering if it was really morning since it was still dark outside due to the rain.
  • Robby took the boys to school while Campbell, Keaton, Reagan and I started school here.  Keaton wanted to eat all morning long-actually, that is what she has done most of the day.  Campbell is all about coloring which is great except she wants to use the dry erase markers (too expensive for the 1 year old to use) so we fight constantly about that.  With me and Campbell going round and round about the markers (don't feel bad for her, she has other ones she can use) and Keaton wanting milk-Reagan eventually wrote on her paper "I am havng a bad da"  She wasn't having a bad day and had flew through her work and at the time she only had math to finish.  She has started writing her numbers backwards and now gets confused between 12 and 20.  
  • After our school was over, I ran to get a shower so we could pick up the boys.  It was raining pretty good so we postponed our trip to the library for another day and came home for lunch.  I heated up leftovers and then everyone played upstairs for awhile.  Campbell took a nap and then we had to do school again.  Graham gets pretty upset if he doesn't get to do "homeschool" so I set out 4 things for him and Anderson and then throw out a few fun things for Reagan.  Even though Graham really wants to do school, he is never pleased that I have not given him more work to do.  
  • I tried to make Graham rest in our bed but he ended up getting up.  He did tell me that he thought Keaton would be able to talk when she was born.  I reminded him that Campbell doesn't say that much but he replied with "I thought babies come out of mommy's tummys able to talk"  He then tried to get Keaton to jump rope-she wasn't very good at it.  It was actually a boa that he was using and then he resorted to measuring her to see how much she has grown.  He measured her about every 3 minutes for awhile.
  • Anderson was so proud of his pumpkin that he painted in class today and even told me that he showed the number nine to everyone in his class. He does crack me up-every day when they watch a movie, he sits in the same spot on the couch.  If someone else gets his spot, he loses it.  Reagan has learned to stay away from his spot
  • We worked a puzzle and Graham anxiously awaited on Robby to get home to take him to a birthday party.  It was a costume party and Graham went as Super Man-had his face painted, made a spider, ate a cupcake and pizza.  He just had a big time.  Though Robby probably can't go to many more birthday parties by himself-there was a kid injury tonight (minor tooth related) and he has also been to a party where the paramedics were called.  Maybe he is just bad birthday party luck.
  • While they were gone, we had supper, fed Keaton, read a story and all sat on the couch and watched a movie until Robby and Graham came home.  Then it was lights out for most of the Dennie crew-though Keaton has been snoozing away for awhile and is just starting to squirm out of her swaddle.
  • Oh and I forgot to mention that today, Campbell had been asking to potty and I had been ignoring her but after I saw her open both lids, take her shirt off and stand in front of the potty, I thought I better intervene and at least sit her on there the right way.  I left the room and when I had returned, she did indeed have to potty.  I was quite impressed and she just looked at me like "I told you so"  

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