October 16, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Sunday morning and we decided that we need to start moving a bit quicker around here-we needed 20 more minutes.  We still made it to church on time but dropping off 3 before church takes some time.  Though what really takes time was putting pantyhose on the girls-we will have to wake up an hour earlier when Keaton starts wearing them too.
  • Graham was tickled to see that Mrs. Diane had Keaton a present and tonight after supper, he opened it up and then  went to put the bib on her.  He was the cutest thing trying to show it to her-even though she was asleep at the time!
  • After church, we went to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch and then home for a nap-for 4 of us (me, Keaton, Campbell and Graham).  Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies...
  • And Robby spent his afternoon cutting down trees.  Yep, Yardman is still working hard.  When Graham woke up he heard the chainsaw and said "is Daddy cutting down all of the trees?"
  • The kids all went out to play and instead of heading to the dirt pile they headed to where the trees were falling-actually they were already cut so they helped pick up some limbs and then spent the rest of the evening fussing over a golf ball.
  • Keaton now spends her time by the window in our bedroom so we can walk by and check on her when we are outside but she must get a little lonely because she always decides that she is hungry as soon as I pick up a rake (I love her timing)
  • The kids came in before Robby and they were all showered off and eating supper when he came in.  We finished supper, read a book in the tent and then headed to bed.

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