October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Pops!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Campbell was the first one to stir at 6 this morning but she did rest a bit more.  Everyone was stirring by 7 (though Reagan was snoozing peacefully at Grannymom and Grandpa's house until 8:20-she is my sleeper).  
  • I looked at the clock around 9 and realized that we had already had breakfast, finished laundry, gotten ready, cleaned the kitchen, played dominoes, built a Lincoln log cabin and were all heading upstairs to work on pulling out of all of the winter clothes for the kids.
  • The boys played cars while Campbell played near me and Keaton laid on the floor.  At one time, I looked up and saw Campbell carrying a baby doll and then second glance I thought "well, her baby dolls don't have dark hair."  Yep, she was bringing Keaton to me-not the only time it happened today.  Keaton now has to wear one of the old bike helmets here in the house.
  • Reagan came home and had a big time with Grannymom and Grandpa.  She had made a bunch of milk carton ghosts.  Since we don't have an outlet in the front of the house, I displayed them on the kitchen window.  Reagan was disappointed and said that she thought we would put them out front for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone?-we live at the end of a dead end street and our house doesn't even face the street.  The only "everyone" that can enjoy them is the critters walking around at night.  Robby did say that he might still put them out front with a long extension cord for "everyone" to see
  • We did school today and it is hard finding enough things to keep Graham busy.  He gets very mad at me if I don't have him enough stuff.  Though he has taken to Reagan's math blocks so that will keep him busy for a bit.  After school, it was time for the big event-decorating Pops' cupcakes.
  • Reagan had received a cupcake decorating set for her birthday and she was ready to use it.  She had told the boys that they could only decorate 2 big ones and 2 little ones so they were pretty excited about it.  They worked and worked on them.  Reagan probably worked for an hour on each one and was so pleased with all of her creations.  I should send her to the wilton cake class.  The boys took alot of time working too-mostly they were working at getting frosting on their fingers so they could lick it off.
  • Soon it was time to meet Pops, Jason and Nonna at McAlisters to celebrate Pops' birthday.  Campbell ate more mac and cheese than anyone else and Reagan had more coke then anyone else.  After supper, everyone came back to our house for cupcakes and somehow everyone started trying on their halloween costumes.  They are all super excited about halloween and ready to dress up.  

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