October 12, 2011

Nonna Comes to Visit!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton was on her normal schedule last night and woke at 4 and too soon after, Graham came downstairs and climbed in our bed.  We were about to get on to him but I looked at the clock and saw that since it was 7:30 it was probably time for us to get up.  I still can't believe the boy will get out of bed-no one ever got out of bed at Gamble.  But now his routine is to get out of bed and look out the window to see if it is day and then walk down the hallway, down the stairs and then down our hallway into our bedroom-and the house is dark-even at 7:30.  Brave little guy.
  • Robby left this morning before I could get my shower, so I had to wait until Keaton was sleeping and hidden safely away and Campbell was upstairs playing and had forgotten about "baby" for awhile.  From when Campbell wakes up until when she goes to bed, she is constantly saying "baby?" and trying to find Keaton.  I thought she was going to put Keaton in the car seat herself tonight when I wasn't doing it fast enough.  Speaking of fast enough-it does take awhile to load up-5 kids and I have to buckle 4 of them and 5 bags to take as well, house doors to lock and the alarm to set.  Surprising I can get anywhere on time. 
  •  And this is completely off the subject and out of order, but speaking of going to church...I don't use the "new mom" parking long and since it is rarely full, I shouldn't complain.  But you are not considered a "new mom" if your youngest child is in Kindergarten.  Move your car!!  Just saying.  
  • Reagan is all about school lately, or maybe she is all about getting it done!  Either way, she gets it done and the boys were all about helping her with her scavenger hunt today.  It was just a scavenger hunt counting items in the house-Graham followed her the whole time but Anderson quickly returned and said that it wasn't any fun because there was no treasure.
  • Meanwhile during school, Keaton was snuggled in the pack n play looking around and watching the commotion and then I heard a dreaded "ker plunk"  Guess what it was?  Her sister!  Campbell had decided that she wanted to be in the pack n play with Keaton.  The baby was still happy and not fussing so hopefully she wasn't smashed too badly.  Campbell visited the highchair after that for a brief time out.  When I went to go and get her she hugged me and said "sorry."  But where did she go as soon as I let her out of the highchair?  Yep, back to the pack n play so I had to stand guard from then on. 
  • Nonna came by this afternoon and she brought everyone some clothes that she had picked up for them.  They were all pleased, but Graham was the happiest about this.  He was so excited to even see the sticker on the pajamas and exclaimed "you got me a sticker?!"  Poor thing-he usually doesn't get new things because all of his stuff, he can remember when Anderson wore it.  A good thing for me but not so good for him when Anderson is always getting new things (mainly because that boy keeps growing)
  • Everyone did fine at church tonight but Keaton cried on the way there so she ate as soon as arrived. But now she has turned into my insomniac baby.  She is still awake at 9:40-she just can't seem to get to sleep.  Where is the benedryl?  Kidding....kind of!

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