February 10 2012

Making Cookies!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Campbell woke up around 3 fussing.  I went upstairs with every intention of just bringing her back down to our bed but she laid down much better than I thought she would.  So it was right before 7 when things got going around here.  Graham is trying real hard to stay in bed to get a prize from Grannymom.  She told him he could get one if he stayed in his bed for 2 nights but since he isn't that great at counting, I am still playing it up big.  "Just a few more nights and you get a prize" is what I tell him every night.
  • Robby headed to work and we were all laying in my bed.  Breakfast was next (after my shower with Campbell-she found me before I hid in the shower).  During breakfast we did our memory work for school and that went really well today.
  • Next up was playtime for the kids and laundry for me.  Then we started school-it didn't start off too well again today but quickly turned around.  I might have forgotten to tell the boys that we were doing school and they played upstairs for quite a while.  Campbell was downstairs though and she just sits at her desk and colors and cuts.  Tonight I couldn't find her and she was at her desk with her markers in her hand (yes, I know it is just a matter of time until she writes all over our walls).
  • We have been talking about the 5 senses during school and today we finished up talking about smell.  So we took out all of my spices and made a chart of the ones that smelled good, okay and bad.  They thought this was the best thing ever-until Campbell took off a lid and started eating garlic powder and Anderson sucked some mint up his nose when he was sniffing it.  Reagan got tired of smelling and decided that she would wash her nose out with water-that didn't go to well.
  • Soon it was lunch and then bedtime for Campbell.  Anderson, Graham, Reagan and I played my new game (Blokus) and they did really good and it was even a game that I could enjoy as well when we played.  We were playing when Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Anderson for his night at their house.  Anderson had his mind set on going to Larry's pizza.  This morning around 8:30 he asked when Nonna and Pops were coming so when they were here he didn't want for them to stay to long and was ready to leave.
  • With Anderson not being here this afternoon, Graham must have felt that he was the man of the house.  I was walking down the steps when I heard him tell his sisters "Let's go downstairs, babes."
  • Graham and Keaton were back in my bed watching a movie (the rest of us had already gotten up) when Robby came home.  We had leftovers for supper and then the kids made cookies and even got to decorate them.  They thought it was so much fun and silly Reagan works so hard on her cookies and then doesn't eat practically any of them.  
  • Another good day around here!

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