February 16, 2012

100 Reading Lessons Completed!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

    • This morning the boys were already up watching a movie and I was in bed feeding Keaton when Campbell came and asked me for her milk.  I told her to go and ask Graham.  She ran out of the room and then I saw them walking down the hall.  She said "no fall Graham" (don't fall Graham) and he said that he wouldn't and then I saw him put his arm around her.  Sweetest thing.  Soon they both came running down the hall-Campbell with her cup of milk and Graham with his second cup.
    • Robby took the boys to school and we forgot their jackets again.  Graham was quick to tell us that he didn't have to wear a coat but Anderson did.  Later, Anderson said that it was a sweater that he had to wear.  Poor guy, I am going to put some extra coats in Robby's car.
    • I picked the boys up inside and watched Anderson's class through the window before getting him.  He was sitting in the back row surrounded by boys.  They were all listening so intently to the story-my little guy is growing up so fast.  I usually don't go in to pick them up even when I am by myself because they like for me to go through the car pool line but it was nice to sneak a peak at Anderson today.  Graham's class doesn't have any windows so I can't spy on him
    • Graham did get a Valentine today from Ms. Wendolyn today.  She had forgotten to put her Valentine's in their bags.  It had a song to download and Graham was so excited about it.  We downloaded it tonight and he was so excited.  It was especially neat because the song said his name.  He loved it.
    • The girls had spent the morning at Grannymom's house.  They said that Keaton was in a good mood all morning long (believable) and that Campbell didn't fuss (unbelievable!)  Reagan did some of her school work at Grannymom's-reading a book and her math.  Poor thing.  This weeks math lesson has been writing to 100.  I want her to do all of the lesson and practice won't hurt anyone but she has had to write to 100 every single day! (and will next week too!)  Don't feel too sorry for her, she also had plenty of time to make lots and lots of valentines.
    • Speaking of Reagan and school-she finished our Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons book today.  She was so excited about finishing that she read 2 the last two lessons today.  
    • Grannymom had lunch for us and everyone played outside before we headed home.  School was fairly quick today and I was headed to the grocery story by 4.  I picked up what we needed and when I made it home the kids were playing in the back yard.  Robby was sitting outside working on Keaton's yucky head-it is a little scaly.
    • We then came in and started baths.  Robby tried to put the big kids in the tub without Campbell noticing (ha!).  He said something to them about them being able to take a bath without "pooper."  That didn't pass over their heads and when they saw her coming everyone started shouting "pooper, pooper"-how mean!  Of course, someone had to get out of the tub for her to get in and as soon as they did, she was in there. Keaton was getting her bath in the sink and seemed to enjoy it.  Won't be too much longer until we can put her in the blow up bathtub.
    • Robby then ran (don't worry, I am offsetting that run with some cookies in the oven as we speak-I know, we have a problem!) while the kids had supper.  After supper, I made the kids do laundry and clean up the playroom (mean, mean mom).  Actually, Reagan did most of the laundry and I did most of the playroom.  After that they played for awhile and Robby told Graham a story and then Graham told Robby a story.
    • Soon it was bedtime-Anderson didn't get to do our nightly airplane ritual because of whatever he had done yesterday (I don't even remember).  He didn't seem to mind and soon everyone was in bed.  We didn't really hear a peep out of them...maybe because I forgot to bring the monitor in the living room with us.

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