February 6, 2012

Keaton:  "Sometimes I wish they
left their hands off of me!

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Reagan and Anderson were the only two that had school today and they didn't complain too much about going.  And they must have enjoyed going with Robby because they practiced their bone song (cranium, mandible, clavicle, scapula, humerus....)and Robby gave Reagan a peppermint (Anderson must have already been dropped off).
  • As soon as they walked out the door, Graham was asking to play a game.  Of course it took a few minutes to clear breakfast dishes, start laundry, me get a shower and change Keaton but then we played 3 games.  He took them all very seriously and Campbell even played well for the most part (despite a few kicking, screaming fits-whenever she gets upset she still asks for her paci)
  • After our games, I worked on putting away the kids artwork that I had been saving while they played in the toy room.  We had done a few other things during the morning but it didn't seem like it had been a very long morning when it was time to load up to pick up Anderson.  He said he had a good day and was excited about having to bring Valentines next week.  Campbell was not excited when I left the church parking lot without Reagan.  She could not understand that we would come back later to pick up Reagan.  She cried the entire way home shouting "Rearea"
  • They had lunch and we read a few stories.  Then I put Campbell to bed, Keaton had a nap as well, the boys watched a movie and I walked on the treadmill for a bit.  The afternoon was even shorter than the morning-soon I was snatching Keaton and Campbell up from their beds and loading them into the car.  Campbell was very happy to know that we were going to pick up Reagan this time.
  • Reagan had a good day and said that she ate everything in her lunch except for the pretzels.  And my she must have been hungry-I sent her enough for 5 kids!  I didn't want her to be hungry and I even heard that they had donuts.  School must make you really hungry.  I told them that we could go to the library and they were all excited.
  • I dread the library but know I need to take them.  They were all great when it was time to find the books but everything always goes downhill when it is time to checkout.  Even Keaton started crying during checkout time today.  So I had Keaton crying, Campbell crying because she had gotten in trouble, Graham stomping his boots on the tile floor, Anderson trying to pick up Campbell and Reagan off sitting in a chair.  And then when we left, the alarm went off because one of our books didn't check out properly.  I was moments away from just walking out of the library and leaving our books there.  Who needs books anyway?
  • Back to what I said last time we went to the grocery store-we have got to start practicing being still. That is going to be my goal this week to have everyone practice standing still for just a minute.  We should be able to do that and be able to sit and read quietly as well.  Gonna do that this week.
  • By the time we made it home, everyone was pretty tired.  The big kids all watched a movie that they picked out from the library.  They were in two rooms and Campbell went from room to room watching the movies.  Anderson, Graham and I made a train track and as soon as we finished, Robby walked in from work.
  • We had supper and then the kids had some time to play.  We capped off the night by reading a few books, doing airplane and then going to bed.

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