February 23, 2012

Becoming oh so inquisitive!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • So yesterday we were at home and Graham told me no about something and I told him to come to me.  He took off running and I sure took off after him.  After I had dealt with that situation and his rear end, I walked back into the living room to see Reagan telling Anderson "now you be the momma" followed by "No!" and she then takes off running with Anderson chasing her.  They have already started making fun of me!
  • Also yesterday, as we were leaving church I had put our big coke cup in Keaton's lap in the car seat.  Campbell saw that cup and had her a sip or two.  Then Keaton started fussing and Campbell must have thought that she had taken Keaton's cup.  So she put it back in the seat with Keaton and tried her best to get the straw into Keaton's mouth.  Keaton likes her coke only in her bottle! (kidding!)
  • The boys were both the snack helpers at school today.  This was big time stuff and when you are snack helper, you get to have a special napkin.  By the time we were in the parking lot, Anderson already had his leftover cheese stick out and was eating it.  Graham had some cheese and fruit snacks left.  He had his cheese in the car and then decided to give his other one to Campbell.
  • In the car after school, I was telling the boys that Reagan would be in first grade next year, Anderson would be in kindergarten and Graham would be in prek.  Anderson said "oh no" and I asked why.  He said that he couldn't learn all of those verses that Reagan knows (in Awana).  I told him that of course he could and promised him that we would practice them together.  We might just start practicing them this summer so the first few will be easy and he will be pretty confident about his memorizing skills.
  • I dropped the boys off at Grannymom's house and went to run a few errands.  After my errands I came back in time for everyone to have one last turn on the swing.  Keaton was loving being outside but soon it was time to go and pick up Reagan.  
  • Reagan had spent the night with Kennedy and Alyssa Kate last night.  They had milkshakes on the way home from church and even had quite a bit of time playing before they went to sleep.  Reagan really wanted to play Polly Pockets and they were finally able to this morning.
  • After a morning of playing at Kennedy's house, they spent 4 hours at Pinnacle and Reagan was hot and tired when we picked her up.  In fact, we only did two (out of our usual 10) school boxes.  I even let her pick them so she picked the fun things-a snowglobe art project and Awana Bible verses.  I will just cram the other 8 boxes into tomorrow's stuff and next weeks.
  • Oh, as we were loading up the car leaving Grannymom's house, Graham became pretty mad at me for not letting him have any gum.  I told him that he would get a spanking when we made it home.  He fell asleep on the way home and that sweet little face almost made me forget.  But after waking up and him growling at Reagan, I quickly remembered.  Robby was working from home and was on a call so I had to take the boy outside to spank him.  Glad we live in the country!
  • This afternoon everyone was really good-probably helped that Keaton and Campbell slept for 2 hours.  I woke Campbell up and soon after they had supper.  I don't know if they were all finished eating but a man came out to identify the gas line and the kids all ran upstairs to watch the action (no action happened-couldn't find it so hopefully the footings digger doesn't find it-who needs heat anyway?)
  • At supper, we asked about everyone's highs.  Anderson said that his high was going on a walk to Cash and Lilly's house.  He also said that Grannymom said they could play for a little bit and they all jumped on the trampoline.  He said he could jump as high as the net and Graham added that he could jump to the sky.  They also said that Campbell jumped some and Grannymom didn't jump but she did play crack the egg and was the egg.  When they said that Grandpa jumped on the trampoline, Robby called them on that part of the story.  But later we found out that the entire story was false-the only part that was true was that they went on a brief walk.  
  • I went to Bunko tonight and Robby held down the fort here.  Graham was tired and asked to go to bed early which of course was granted.  Campbell was not too far behind and soon Reagan and Anderson went to bed.  Keaton only had one bottle so we will see if she makes it through the night.  

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