February 15, 2012

Anderson's Studious Look!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham stayed in his bed all night and even Keaton slept all night and the rain was so nice this morning that we could have all stayed in bed most of the morning.  Graham though was the first one up and soon both boys were laying on each side of me.  But within a few minutes, the tv was on in the school room and they had all migrated in there (more on that later).
  • After my shower, we had breakfast, did our memory work and even worked on our last of the 5 senses that we talked about-taste.  We tasted things that were salty, sweet, bitter and unfortunately, I didn't have any lemon juice so we couldn't taste anything sour.  Anderson was the only one who remembered the 4 tastes later in the day but Reagan remembered everything that we ate (ha!)
  • We were able to do some school this morning but before too long, I looked at the clock and it was time to get ready to leave for Keaton's parent dedication picture.  I grabbed a cute little outfit and fed Keaton one last time so she wouldn't be fussy.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over to stay with everyone while I was gone.
  • Before Reagan's parent dedication picture, I remember that we gave her a bath, obsessed about what she would wear and were pretty stressed about the whole thing.  Not today, poor Keaton, I just picked something churchy from the closet, rubbed her down with lotion so she would at least smell clean and threw her in her car seat.  My how things change.  
  • The pictures went well and Keaton turned on that cute smile - click here to check them out.  The pictures were adorable!  The rain slacked off enough for us to get in and out without getting drenched.  When we made it back home, we finished up school and then eventually had lunch.  After lunch Campbell was put to bed-too much screaming and I started in the treadmill
  • Back to this morning-they were watching Cake Boss on tv.  This has become their new favorite show and seriously, it might even be classified as an obsession.  Today, they were watching it and playing it at the same time.  Reagan and Graham were making construction paper cakes and they were all taking turns coming in and buying cake.  Anderson had a special job-I guess that he was the boss and would occasionally shout "get to work, we will have to bake all night."
  • The kids mostly played this afternoon.  Graham had to lay on the couch since I told him he was tired since he was doing so much fussing.  Of course making him lay down only created more fussing but he did eventually calm down.  Poor guy was pretty tired and on the way home from church tonight, he would ask us at every turn what road we were on-he was ready to get home and get in his bed.

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