February 20, 2012

Back in my own bed...with bears!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

    • Campbell slept well last night and was ready to go this morning.  She spent the day taking care of Keaton, going on a walk, eating Mexican casserole, playing outside, playing dollhouse and hanging out with Lilly.  
    • Keaton's last night at Grannymom's house was not that restful.  She was awake quite a bit during the night but was as happy as she could be during the day.  In fact, when we arrived she had the hugest smile and showed off her new trick of putting weight on her legs.  Campbell, on the other hand, barely noticed that we had walked in the door.
    • Reagan was so excited this morning about her Valentine's party at school that she could hardly eat breakfast.  I think all they did today was Valentine's and eat at school.  When she got back to Nonna's house she laid out all of her Valentines to organize them.  Tonight when we made it home, she glued all of her cards on a poster (though I had told her not to since it was time to come upstairs).  But later, I told her that maybe tomorrow we could hang them beside her bed and she was so excited.
    • Speaking of Reagan, she told Nonna today that Nonna could do two things for her-get her earplugs and a patch.  A patch for her favorite pair of leggings that she has worn a hole in and earplugs since the boys keep her up at night.  Nonna told her that they probably don't make kid sized earplugs and then asked wasn't she supposed to be responsible for everyone at night.  Reagan replied that she wasn't responsible for nothing and there was a monitor up there.
    • Anderson went to school today and did all things President's Day related.  Anderson never really says much about school or anything really when I ask him a question.  But tonight I asked him about his favorite part of his stay at Nonna's house and when pressed he replied riding the bike.  
    • Graham spent the morning with Pops.  They had a little nap when Nonna was taking the others to school.  Then they picked up Papaw's dry cleaning and took it to him.  Graham was very intrigued by this process and wanted to know if they wrote his name on his clothes so he would get the same ones back.  
    • Well, after picking everyone up they were wild, loud and crazy.  Campbell didn't want to get in her car seat and had a fit, Graham wanted to keep his sucker in the car and had a fit, Anderson didn't want to turn off the movie and had a fit, Reagan disobeyed me and made her poster and then had a fit, Campbell didn't want to put on her pajamas and had a fit and now Graham can't get to sleep and is having a fit.  Good to be home!  (I know they are just tired and a bit spoiled-hopefully things will be better tomorrow)

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