February 3, 2012

4 Masked Bandits!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Still on West coast time and loving it!  Pretty lucky that the kids are still sleeping in thinking it is two hours later-especially since Robby and I are staying up later like on West coast time-till 2 last night.  It was a restful night...the baby cereal must have helped Keaton sleep a bit longer because she didn't wake up until 6 (though nearly all of that cereal ended up on her bib).  Graham joined us first as Robby was leaving for work, then I got Campbell after 8 and Anderson joined soon after.  Finally Reagan came downstairs and we all laid around until 9-wonderful!
  • Then they played while I had my shower and soon it was breakfast.  Reagan was too busy working on writing on her Valentines to eat breakfast.  She asked if everyone in her class was going to have Valentines to pass out-I said yes and she could not believe it.  
  • We did school and this was the first day in awhile that we had done school in the morning with Campbell.  She was great and sat at her desk and colored, cut, played with magnets.  At one time we were all sitting on the floor going over our memory work and Campbell refused to come and sit with us-she was busy coloring.  Graham was more our wild card today.  We have been talking about the 5 senses and had two games to play when Reagan finished all of her work so that helped everyone work a bit harder during the morning.
  • Next up we had our sandwiches for lunch.  I was busy doing something and Reagan was making herself another sandwich and not two minutes later Graham was getting a knife, more bread and scooping up some peanut butter. Though all of his peanut butter never made it to the bread he had gotten out-it went right to his mouth.
  • Then we had an activity left over from our 100th day of school-putting 100 drops of water in a cup.  We made predictions about how full it would be and were all a bit surprised when 100 drops only makes 2 sips of water.  Anderson was thrilled to get to drink all of the 100 drops that we had put in the cup.
  • I had been talking all morning about us being the "cleaning crew" this afternoon.  The kids stepped up and did a pretty good job cleaning.  My goal is to teach them to do all of the chores and soon I can just sit and eat bon bons in my bathrobe on.  Reagan worked on mopping the kitchen floor, Anderson did the bathroom floors, Graham vacuumed the living room, Anderson vacuumed the bedroom, Reagan cleaned the bathroom counter and they all  cleaned some baseboards.  
  • Next up was a nap for Campbell, movies for everyone else-including Keaton who really enjoys laying in the floor watching a movie, covered with a blanket between Graham and Reagan.  Soon everyone was again in the kitchen working on Valentine flowers.  
  • We met Robby and then we drove to Wildwood for the Lanterns Festival.  We had gone last year and it was lots of fun-people, lights, food, fun, fun.  Anyway, due to the rain this year everything had to be moved inside and it was just not the same.  The kids still had a blast-they made a mask, had a lunchable (we brought that), made a paper lantern, got glowsticks, Reagan got a bracelet and necklace, the boys got a gold coin, they colored and had a cupcake and piece of cheesecake and then some coke in the car.  It was a pretty good night but I am hoping that the weather is lots better next year.
  • Sometime today the kids were doing "karate" and turned on their cd player.  And it worked, it hasn't worked for a long time and we had stopped trying.  For the first 5 years of Reagan's life she went to sleep with this CD playing and that it what was in the player today.  They did their "karate" to the music and tonight when we turned it back on Reagan said "that is sure pretty music, it could make me go to sleep."  Um, yep, you have fallen to sleep with it many, many time.
  • So the last few nights during prayer time, it has gone something like this "Dear God thank you for this...NO, NO MA'AM" Whack! "and thank you God for..."  Little Campbell must have decided that when we have our heads bowed and eyes closed that it was a good time to climb out of her bed.  She hasn't made it out yet but can swing that leg over and get pretty close.  The first night Reagan had to tap me so I would see her and then tonight Robby saw her.  We just continue on with our prayer.  Maybe tomorrow we should spank her before our prayer so we don't have to in the middle of it.

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