February 5, 2012

The Dennie 5
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Yesterday, Robby and I were talking and he said that he had spent 100 dollars for one medicine and was a bit shocked (we have to meet a deductible before our insurance kicks in).  Reagan picked up on this and said "wow, do you have any money leftover."  We then mentioned how much other things cost and she could not believe it.  She said that that would be all of her money.  If you remember, she offered to help us pay for the new house.
  • Last night, Graham finally went to sleep in his own bed but around 3, I felt him climb into bed with us.  I briefly thought that I should take him back to his bed but that is so, so very far away.  How are we going to break him of this habit?  But he is the best snuggler in the world.  
  • Robby had to be at church a bit early this morning and I decided that us all going early was easier than just him going early.  We just sat in the car until he was finished and came to get us.  We were watching Nemo and I was more interested in it than the kids. 
  • Then church and apparently Keaton's class looked for us during church.  We don't take a pager any more-I just think if they need me they can find me or they can find someone who can find me.  Well, maybe I should start taking one since they couldn't find us. (Robby was doing the Lord's Supper and I was sitting with Reagan and Anderson)  Must not have been anything major since Keaton was happy as she could be when Robby picked her up.  Wonder if it was about her constant spitting up.  I go through a zillion bibs a day with that child.  
  • We had nursery duty in Campbell's class and I don't think we will go back there!  Ha!  It was crazy-we had about 4 fussers and even had to get another helper to come in.  Campbell was part of the problem since there was one fusser in there and Campbell thought she was a baby.  She continued to want to hold her, pat her and asking if the girl could sit in her lap.  I need to just have her take a baby doll to class.
  • Then we had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  Reagan ate a piece and a half of ham-that girl loves meat.  And Anderson won't eat any meat.  Always weird to me what they will and won't eat.  They enjoyed playing for awhile and all played very well together.
  • Back at home, Campbell, Keaton and Robby took a nap and Anderson watched a movie.  Reagan and Graham cleaned the toy room and then made a zoo with all of their stuffed animals.  They had a concessions stand, animal cages, tickets, offices for the zookeepers-it was really well thought out.  Anderson, Robby, Campbell and I all went to visit the zoo and all were given private tours by the zookeepers.  
  • Soon everyone was up stirring and it was time to start out Super Bowl party.  We had chili (which only the girls eat) and cheese dip along with some coke.  Anderson said "we always drink coke at football games." Then everyone watched football (some more than others).  The boys ended up running around the column in the living room with a football in their hand.  Reagan got a piece of paper out to keep their score and soon Campbell went to get herself a piece of paper.  
  • More playtime upstairs and then it was bedtime for all.  Everyone did pretty well tonight-or maybe it was because we didn't turn the monitor on!

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