February 13, 2012

A little bit of snow still makes
for a lot of fun around here!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

(A few pictures from yesterday that did make it are at the front of today's picture including a picture from Campbell's class at church and then a few at Grannymom's when Graham got his prize.)

  • Yesterday Graham got his prize from Grannymom for staying in his bed all night long and last night he joined us in our bed around 3.  Robby wondered if he was smart enough to realize that since he now had his prize he could get back into our bed and apparently he is.  I tried to explain that if it happened again we would have to send his prize back to Grannymom.  
  • Around 6, Robby and I started checking our phones to see about the weather.  Reagan's school was cancelled first (Comm central) and then someone from Robby's work told them all to just work from home so then we waited on Anderson's school to cancel.  They never did so we just took a snow day anyway.  Anderson was a little bummed when he thought that he was going to miss his party (like Reagan) but was perfectly happy missing after we explained that his party is tomorrow.
  • When I told Anderson to look out the window this morning (he was the first one up), he said 'I know, snow'-like it was no big deal.  Soon though he was begging to go outside.  My plan was to hold them off until 11 so they could come in and have hot chocolate and lunch at the same time.  But when it started sleeting I knew they better get out there quickly.
  • We bundled up-I put 4 hats on, 8 gloves, zipped 4 coats and made sure that everyone knew that I would only put their gloves on one more time and then they would have to leave them off.  I can not stand putting on gloves-don't they teach that in school or something!  
  • Outside, they all immediately went to our cars to scrape the snow off.  I took a few pictures and let them hit me with a snowball before I came in and watched from the window.  We saw Campbell pick up some snow and taste it-it must not have been very good because she threw it back down on the ground.  Also saw Reagan pick up a rock and try to put it in a snowball after being hit with a snowball (I stopped her but pretty good thinking)
  • Seems like the kids did lots of playing this morning and then after lunch they watched a movie while Campbell slept and I did my treadmill time.  Then Robby played Blokus with them and then more playtime.  
  • We read a few books this after Campbell woke up and Reagan worked on her math work-I convinced her that the more she does today, that will be less for her to do on Friday.  
  • Before supper, the boys did have to write sentences to tell Pops that they were sorry for not listening to him yesterday.  He apparently told them to not get the blanket down and they did.  Reagan was happy to report all of this in the car to us on the way home last night.  Robby made Anderson write "I am sorry" 5 times and Graham had to trace "I am sorry" 3 times.  
  • Then it was time for supper and everyone ate fairly well.  Mexican casserole was on the menu and all the kids but Anderson liked it.  But he did eat quite a bit when I put it on the spoon for him.  That child just gets something in his head that he does not like and won't try anything else.  The frustrating part is that the things he doesn't like changes.  
  • After supper, we all made peanut butter cookies.  They were all so excited to help Robby make everything.  And Keaton even sat on the cabinet in her bumbo to watch (yes, I know the bumbos have been recalled and are supposedly dangerous but I was right nearby her and she can't get out of it yet).  Reagan has gotten to be quite the egg cracking pro and the boys and Campbell are quite the bowl licking pros.  
  • Campbell and Graham had had a bath earlier in the afternoon and Anderson and Reagan took a bath after supper.  Campbell saw them and thought since it had only been 3 hours since her bath, she might as well have another one.  And then just before we washed everyone up, I heard those dreaded words "Mom, Campbell pooped in the bath tub"  Yuck!  Everyone jumped out and that was the end of that bath.  We don't have enough hot water to run another bath tub so they will just get soaped up later.  
  • Then we all came back downstairs to eat those cookies-they scarfed them down and then we were back upstairs for bedtime.  Keaton knew that things were about to get busy (bedtime) so she woke up to join in on the action.  She had her milk and is now laying on the couch beside me snoozing away.

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