February 22, 2012

Only 5 months & already
painting her toenails!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • This morning started with Graham screaming at the top of his lungs that he was ready to get up.   Screaming over and over.  I jumped up and stumbled that way, Robby tried to grab the monitor to tell him to be quiet and knocked it and who knows what else of his nightstand in a clatter.  Little bit like a comedy show.  Graham's morning didn't start too well but after a time out before 7, he calmed down.  
  • Anderson was the mellow one today and joined me, Keaton and Robby in bed for a bit.  Then Graham joined us too and I started wondering where Campbell was since I had gotten her out of bed much, much earlier.  I wondered if she had climbed in bed with Reagan but Graham told me she was putting on her clothes-and that she was.  Most 2 year olds probably don't dress themselves and come downstairs with two rubber bands and a brush for their hair.
  • We eventually had breakfast and did our memory work at breakfast.  Then they played for awhile and I ran around doing my chores.  Next up was school and everyone did really well today and we finished in record time.  We are still talking about President's Day and measured to see who was closest to Lincoln's height (6 feet 4 inches).
  • Then the kids all played with playdoh while I cleaned Keaton's exersaucer.  When it dried I put her in it and she thought she was something else.  She loved to grab the toys and pull them to her mouth.  Everyone else played with playdoh for at least an hour.  I managed to trip finger and toenails while they were playing.  Then I painted the girls toenails (even Keaton's) and the boys wanted their done too.  I did only 2 of their toenails to preserve their manhood!  
  • While their nails were drying, all 4 of them sat with their toes on a folded piece of newspaper.  I managed to go upstairs and pick up while they were there.  I even took my time and when I returned everyone had their own newspaper for their feet and they were sitting so quietly talking.  I told them that it would take another hour for their toes to dry.  They seemed content with that so I laid down and took a nap!  Ha!  Kidding.  I did make them lunch and they ate it on the floor.  
  • When they finished lunch they went back to the playdoh.  Keaton is watching all of this from her exersaucer and she was quite entertained.  By the time playdoh was over, we had more on the floor than in our 27 containers of playdoh.  They had a blast.  Everyone helped pick up and soon Kennedy came over to play.
  • She stayed for a bit while Jodee talked to a plumber and when they left, we hurried around to go and see Beebee.  We had pictures for her and flower pictures that we had made.  She was in a good mood and everyone did well.  The boys were quite entertained by looking into Beebee's make up mirror.  Maybe I need to get the kids a mirror!  They stood there and did that the entire time I was visiting with Beebee.  
  • We made it to church in time to grab a glass of lemonade.  We even saw Nonna and then Jason in the hallway.  Everyone did fine in their classes.  Reagan did shop in her Sparks class and had 99 bucks to spend.  I had seen sleep mask on the shelf for them to purchase but surprisingly that is not what she bought.  She bought a box of candy and a little embroidered wallet.  It was cute but I am always surprised at what she buys.  She was very proud though so that is all that matters-she said a zillion and a half verses tonight.  My smart little thing!  She even got to spend the night tonight with Kennedy and Alyssa Kate-she was so excited as she left with her candy!
  • Graham and Campbell ran to the store with Robby on the way home.  But on my way home, Keaton screamed the entire time.  It was enough that I know Anderson was wishing that he went with Robby.  Anderson and I talked to her, sang to her, turned up the music full blast and even had to shout at each other so we could talk.  She calmed when we made it home but started up again.  Poor thing had even had a meltdown at church tonight and didn't want her bottle but finally took it when she was holding it.  I hope that it is just her teeth bothering her-probably is, I put some medicine on them tonight and she went right on to sleep.

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