February 7, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

Click each name for a quick video of each of the Dennie Kids:
  • Last night with all of the bed shuffling going on you would have thought that we were back on vacation.  At 4ish when Keaton woke up, I could barely make room for me and Keaton to lay in the bed and her to eat-Graham had taken over my spot.  Minutes after putting Keaton back to bed, I heard Anderson telling Reagan that he needed to go to the bathroom.  I went up there and everyone was wide awake.  I tried to get Campbell to go back to sleep but she wanted out of her bed.  So I laid her down in Reagan's bed and I squeezed in there too.  Campbell finally went back to sleep and I did too.  The next thing I knew, Anderson was standing above me wanting to lay with us.  I told him to go to Graham's bed and I joined him there.  All too soon it seemed like he was telling me that it was morning and climbing over me and the next thing Reagan, Campbell and I heard was Robby telling us to wake up over the monitor.
  • The boys ate their breakfast on the way to school and Anderson was almost ready to take his pictures to show his class but backed out at the last minute.  Graham proudly took his and was pleased to show everyone the picture of Shamu eating lunch with us.  And he proudly told Ms. Wendolyn that they got to keep the cups too.  We usually leave those plastic cups on the tables when we go out to eat so taking them with us was a big deal to Graham.  Probably a bigger deal than a massive killer whale jumping a few feet from you.
  • I had sent Reagan homework to do at Nonna's house.  The plan was for her to go to Kennedy's after Nonna's today and then go to "bring a friend" night at dance.  But Kennedy was sickly so plans were changed.  I hated to tell Reagan but she took it all in stride.  I am a bit afraid though that if Reagan goes to visit dance, she will want to start taking dance.
  • Back to Reagan, she had taken homework but only did half of it.  She showed it to me very proudly "like look, I didn't do it" but she did it all later in the day.  We even did a jelly bean graph to celebrate Ronald Reagan's 101st birthday (yesterday).  Anderson said that he likes school when we do things like that.
  • We all had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and then headed home.  The tree man was coming sometime after lunch and when I told Anderson this he went to put on his shoes so we could leave Pops' house and come home.
  • Just as we finished unloading and all of the daffodils that had bloomed overnight had been picked, the tree man pulled up.  The kids stood between the house and the shed to watch the first tree being cut.  Campbell and Graham had their hands over the ears.  It was quite the entertainment and then we moved to the front yard to watch the big pine tree in the back to be cut down.  (And yes, Robby has cut down a few little trees since we have moved here but these two were too big and more importantly, too close to the house)
  • Next was a nap for Campbell, Keaton sat in the swing and finished her nap and the rest of us did school, then they watched a movie and I woke up Campbell.  Campbell was sound asleep and it took her awhile to wake up-she snuggled with me while I fed Keaton on the couch.  Robby was home later and we had leftover chili and then baths for everyone.  Anderson and Campbell had the first bath-you know Campbell would have the first bath.  Graham and Reagan were next and Keaton had already gone to bed or she would have been 5th but was already asleep.  
  • After bath and a bit of playtime, Robby did the "helicopter" with the kids.  Helicopter was him holding them by their hands and spinning them around-he couldn't do too much because he got dizzy quickly.  Though just two times around and Campbell couldn't stand up and fell down.  Funny, funny.

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