February 28, 2012

Technology Training 1.0
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson has been the one getting out of bed a bit before 7 these days.  He comes to our bed to lay beside me and then when one of us stirs, he jumps up to go and start a movie.  This morning when I went upstairs, Graham was in his bed calling for Anderson-they didn't even know where he was.  Though Graham had already gotten out of bed, taken off his pull up and pajama pants and put on shorts.  
  • Everyone got ready for school and we all headed out.  Graham was a bit disappointed that no one was working on the garage this morning.  Robby dropped off the boys and I dropped off the girls.   Today was national pancake day so Nonna made pancakes.  Reagan did her school work that I had sent, Campbell spent the morning being a mess and Keaton smiled, cooed, spit up and drooled all morning.
  • I picked up the boys in the car pool line and as we were pulling out of church, Anderson said that he couldn't get his seat belt buckled.  Once he said that, he was done trying and starting to panic that I was still driving.  I slowed way down and tried to talk him through buckling it-my goal was to not have to pull over and get out of the car to buckle him us.  He finally got it clicked just as we passed a police car on the side of the road-he would have fallen apart if he had not been buckled and seen that police man.  
  • At Nonna's for lunch, everyone was more interested in the brownies than the meal.  They then watched a movie until I said it was time to go-and then I said it again and then again.  Sometimes it is like I am speaking a foreign language.  Finally I got everyone in the car, Nonna passed out the snacks and then Graham had a fit because I took his money away from his (it was too near his mouth for the ride home).  After everyone was calm, we went home
  • I had 10 bags of groceries to unload, Anderson and Graham's school stuff and 2 bags from Nonna's house to unload.  I was moving fairly quickly until Anderson fell down and scratched his hand.   Then Reagan, who was also running on the footings, fell and scratched her knees which required bandaids.  She just kept screaming "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"  She thought she had torn a hole in her new leggings-yep, I finally found some to replace the ones that she has worn daily until she got a hole in them.  
  • Campbell was so concerned with Reagan needing a band aid.  Campbell has really become quite the talker lately.  She uses 4 + word sentences and usually gets her point across to us.  Hopefully the more she can talk, then the less she will have her little fits.  
  • After everyone was bandaged up, I finally finished unloading and we started school.  Keaton and Campbell were asleep and Graham had asked to take a nap and had fallen asleep on the couch.  School went fairly well but afternoons are just hard for school-they are tired, I am tired, so much to be done.  But with just Reagan and Anderson things were a bit smoother than usual.
  • Of course, things were so smooth that I let all 3 of the sleeping ones sleep a bit too long-if they sleep too long then they may not sleep well tonight.  Oh, sometime during school today neighbor girl rang the doorbell to ask if they could play.  I said no that we were still doing school.  And before I could even walk back to the kitchen, she was knocking on the back door asking if they could play in the dirt-no, not without us playing outside.  Last night, when asking if she could stay for supper, I at first said that I didn't know yet and she asked if I needed to as my daddy.  My daddy?  Seriously?
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for supper and we had our standard Mexican casserole-can't wait to get my freezer back and fill it up.  The kids played for awhile and we even read a few books.  Despite a trip to the grocery store today, I had no dessert options so I pulled out a pretzel kit from many, many moons ago.  We gave it a whirl and the yeast was probably a few too many years old to work but when you dip something in butter and pour cinnamon and sugar on it, it ends up tasting okay.  So we gobbled them up.
  • Soon it was bedtime and my nappers were wide awake-Graham and Campbell.  First they needed water (well, Graham needed it so Campbell decided she did too) and then they needed medicine and both took their feet out of their pajamas.  Finally, it was quite up there-who knows what is going on up there!

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