Traveling Home February 1, 2012

Buddies back at home!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Sometime during our nightly shuffle, I thought that I should take notes about the craziness going on but didn't feel like grabbing my pen!  We started off with the 3 big kids in the living area and after Graham had his tummy issues he moved into the room with us.  Keaton was in her bouncy in the closet and Campbell was on the other side of the bed.  Around 2, Keaton ate and I jumped up trying to get her bottle before she woke anyone else us.  I succeeded at this the first time but at 5, I could not figure out how to work the microwave at all.  Keaton just kept getting louder and I was standing pushing buttons on the microwave in the dark.  By this time, Graham was in our bed and had probably been there awhile.  Campbell was sitting by the closet trying to calm Keaton down when I walked back in the room with the finally warm bottle.  I sat in the floor feeding Keaton and patting Campbell's back who was now laying in Graham's spot.  Then Robby laid with Campbell back in her spot and Anderson came in and wanted to sleep by me.  He was put out that I was not in the bed but I soon joined him when Keaton went back to sleep.  As soon as I got comfortable, he said that he was going back to his spot in the living area so I fixed his blanket.  And the rest I really don't remember but we woke up later and Campbell was sleeping on one side of me and Graham on the other.  Oh, I did even forget to mention the 15 minutes that Robby and I spent on our hands and knees looking for Campbell's paci.  And we finally found it, in Keaton's bouncy-I guess she was giving it to Keaton to help her calm down while I was fumbling around with the microwave.  Now my hope is that everyone stays in their bed most of the night tonight.
Grannymom and Grandpa took Reagan, Anderson and Graham to breakfast with them.  We got ready while Campbell was still snoozing.  Keaton woke up and grinned and cooed at us as we tried to stuff our clothes back in the suitcases.  All the while, my little light sleeper Campbell slept.  I finally had to wake her up and she woke up in the sweetest little mood-it lasted for a little while!  Breakfast was good again and Robby rolled the cart (also known as Princess Campbell's ride) up to the room.  Before long, we were loaded up and on our way to the airport.
And about 2 minutes later, we were at the airport.  We circled for quite a long time looking for a parking spot to return the van but finally found one.  The kids were so excited to find one-they had really gotten into helping us look.  We went through security-the tsa should receive gold stars here.  They gave the kids sticker badges and even said that if they were under 12 they didn't have to take off their shoes.  Campbell must feel that she is over 12 because she took of her shoes AND her socks-she wanted to be extra safe.  
Once we went through security, we immediately saw that there was only one gate in the area.  So it was pretty tight but we saw that there was another empty gate nearby so we crashed there for our wait.  It was enough space for us to spread out and get pretty noisy.  The first flight to Phoenix was fairly smooth and very quick.  Though it was turbulent enough that the flight attendants couldn't serve our drinks and just had to serve water-Robby thought this was just a scam so they didn't have to work as hard!  
When we landed, we walked to our gate, went to the bathroom and then I looked up and they were boarding.  Robby was still getting hamburgers for the flight but we did make it on the plane before the b group boarded.  We were able to sit close but Robby and Anderson were few rows back-this did not sit too well with Campbell.  After I had taken Keaton to the bathroom, Campbell unbuckled her seat belt, looked at me and said "right back, I right back"- what I had said when I left with Keaton.  She was planning on going to go and see Robby.  I knew this couldn't happen and she was not happy with me at all but I kept her eating the whole flight to keep her happy and busy.  She did play with playdoh for a bit but didn't really care about any of her other toys.  
We landed in Little Rock and everyone was happy to see Nonna and Pops.  We got our luggage, unpacked and installed the 5 car seats/booster seats and headed home.   On the way, Anderson said that the first thing he was going to do when he got home was put on his pajamas and that is what he did.  He was a tired little boy.  Keaton had a bottle and when I laid her down she was asleep soon as well.  Graham is missing sleeping in bed with us and has already been downstairs two times-he says he is scared but we think he is just missing snuggling in bed with his momma!!

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