February 24, 2012

4 of the 5 best looking kids!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Robby fed Keaton in the middle of the night-that tooth must be bothering her because she just hasn't seemed to be her happy little self.  She has just wanted to be held or eat and if she is not doing those things then she isn't happy.  (Though she has been very content tonight.)  This morning I felt that her little tooth has come through-won't be long until she is eating steak!
  • Campbell woke up at 6:30 and everyone else was soon up.  I tried to encourage them to lay down for a few more minutes and Anderson said that he would if I would stay up there.  I grabbed a pillow and laid down-Campbell had to lay beside me and within 3 minutes everyone was on the floor beside me all lined up with our pillows and blankets.  After a while I decided that that was silly and I tried to head back to my bed but by then Campbell was putting on her clothes.  I did make it back to my bed but Keaton was there in her diaper sucking down a bottle.  
  • Robby went to work and I headed to the shower (if you haven't guessed by now, I can not function properly without my shower).  After my shower, we had breakfast and then the kids had a few minutes to play before school.
  • And of course right before school, Reagan had a fit about not having a turn to watch her movie.  It was a huge fit and I attributed it to her still being tired from her sleepover the other night.  She fussed, stomped and when she growled that was the end of the fit for me and I promptly ended it.  During the day I feel a bit outnumbered and I can't let things get too out of control or I will lose my mind!
  • She eventually calmed down and we started school.  Afterwards, they had time for more playtime and I worked on the bathrooms and laundry.  Then it was lunch time but the fun came after lunch when we made Lincoln's log cabin out of pretzels.  The kids were so excited that they were each going to make their own cabins.  I got most of them started-pretzels and icing.  When we ate all of the icing, we used peanut butter.
  • Campbell had heard us talking early in the morning about going outside after lunch and she found her new shoes and was ready to go.  She is so proud of her new shoes but when I told her to put on her old shoes to keep her new ones clean-she understood.  Keaton was asleep so we all went outside.
  • The weather was beautiful.  We first inspected the load that came today for when the footings are dug.  That was another highlight of the morning-watching the truck drop off the stuff.  My boys are going to love the next few months around here with real live construction going on.  Outside, we walked on the trail close to the house, swung on all of the swings, moved a few stumps (one we could move and the other we could only roll about 6 feet), finally we played baseball-man, I love living out here.  The kids ran more today than they could have ever run at Gamble.  
  • Back inside, Campbell took a nap and Keaton watched me work on school for next week while the big 3 watched a movie.  Then we put together a stool from Ikea (yes, it took all 6 of us) and then Robby was home.  Kennedy came over to play for a bit and everyone had hot dogs for supper.  The kids missed out on the best potato salad ever-it was like loaded backed potato salad.
  • Next up we took a trail walk in the dark with our flashlights.  How fun was that.  We did both little trails and man we could really see the stars when we walked away from the house.  Then we did the one near the house and even ventured off the trail.  All of the kids had their own flashlights, I was holding Keaton and Campbell was holding on very tightly to someone's hand at all times.  Graham was spooked whenever he heard a dog barking.  They all really enjoyed it and would have even stayed outside in the dark to play but we tempted them back in with cookies.
  • We made cookies and then they all decorated them with sprinkled-lots and lots and lots of sprinkles.  I will be getting sprinkles off of my kitchen floor for months!  They left the kitchen on a sugar high and played upstairs wild and rowdy.  They eventually tired a bit and headed down to color.  Soon the Stotts came back to pick up Kennedy and then our crew all went to bed.  They were exhausted!

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