February 21, 2012

Big Brother...Little Sister!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Graham finally went to sleep last night and everyone slept until 6.  It was then that I heard Reagan calling saying "Campbell's ready to wake uuuuupppp."  I quickly made it up the stairs so Campbell and Reagan wouldn't wake up the boys.  I brought Campbell down to our bed and she laid still as she could for an hour.  Everyone once in a while she would clap her hands or imitate Robby snoring.  But for the most part, I was still able to rest for another hour until she saw my phone and wanted to play a game-seriously, a 2 year old wanting to play games on my phone!
  • I took the boys to school this morning while Robby stayed at home with the girls.  I didn't hear much about what they did but I did hear that Reagan played Pac Man and Campbell emptied a plastic bag full of tiny beads. Robby ended up picking them up for her though I keep finding them around.  Campbell had a pocketful earlier.   Keaton slept most of the morning long (think Robby gave her some benadryl).  When the boys and I made it home, they were all headed outside for a bit of swinging.
  • When I walked in to pick up Anderson, he was showing his class his pictures from the other day.  They were all gathered around him looking.  I could tell that he was eating the attention up.  And when I signed Anderson out, there was a child laying on the ground-Anderson stepped over him like this was a common occurrence and said "he wanted to see more of my pictures."  Graham was so excited about getting to bring an animal to school on Thursday-his little fox is already packing its bags to go to school.
  • When we made it home, everyone swung for awhile and then I headed in to make lunch.  Of course, I had to go back outside to get Campbell down out of the tree house 2 times since she refused to go down the slide and can't get down the ladder.  We finally had lunch and attempted school with Campbell-ha, that was a no go for this afternoon.  At one time, Campbell, Graham and Keaton were all fussing-I fixed all of that by putting Campbell down for her nap, giving Keaton her milk and walking Graham to the spanking spoon.
  • School then went very smoothly up until Campbell got up from her nap.  We tried to watch a video on my computer and Campbell wanted to hold the computer and this distraction led Graham to grab a ring of Reagan's that was on the floor.  She screamed at him and snatched it from him.  I not so politely explained that that was not how we acted.  Things were downhill from there but just as quickly as they fell apart, everyone was happy again.
  • The boys went upstairs just as neighbor girl rang the doorbell.  So everyone went outside to play and played until it was supper time.  I briefly left to use my expiring coupon for a manicure and pedicure and made it home just after everyone had their pajamas on.  
  • We started bedtime routine and Graham through a doozy of a fit and everyone has now lost their airplane privileges until further notice!  Everything was calm though at bedtime and since we needed to do some laundry, Robby made sure that Graham understood that we were doing laundry and the noises he heard were the washing machine and not anything to be afraid of-must have worked because they are all sleeping soundly.

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