February 25, 2012

A little help from 'sis!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

    • Keaton had a middle of the night bottle and Graham woke up at a decent time.  It was a fairly restful morning until it was time to leave and then we all scrambled around like mad.  We have gotten pretty good at getting ready quickly.
    • Robby, the boys and the little girls went to go meet Grannymom and Grandpa at the Tractor Supply store to buy a trailer for the tractor.  They had a blast looking around at all of the tractor stuff.  And then when they made it home, they had a few rides around in the trailer-they loved it! 
    • Reagan and I went to a tea party birthday party for her friend from school.  She enjoyed coloring, panting her nails, eating cantaloupe and then a cupcake and then she was ready to go.  Reagan was the only one from school invited and after so long, she was done.  She did fine for not knowing anyone but I can imagine that is as hard for a kid as it is for an adult.  Anyway, it was fine since Robby and the others were all meeting us at Sams.  Reagan and I made it there first and ran in to pick up our medicine and then we got in the car with everyone else.
    • Then we went to 3 gas stations for Robby to do a little bit of work.  Usually they don't notice our mystery shopping (even when we go to multiple grocery stores in a row) but they noticed the 3 gas stations.  And when Robby had to put on the orange vest and take a picture for himself the questions started coming.  Robby just explained that he was working on sending them to college.
    • Then we did reward them with ice cream from Wendys. And we didn't even make anyone share-that is what made Reagan so excited.  Anderson finished his off and Campbell came pretty close.  When we made it home, we were in our outside clothes and everyone was picking up sticks.
    • Keaton stayed outside for a bit, had her milk and then went to sleep.  The kids were allowed to play in the dirt and this kept them happy for hours.  Robby and I raked and burnt leaves until time to come in.  
    • He cut the boys hair before coming in while I washed the girls.  Poor Campbell had pottied some time while outside and her poor bottom was horribly red when we came in.  She couldn't even set down in the bathtub and only screamed during her bath.  After a tube of diaper creme on her bottom, things were better at bedtime.  
    • Keaton was the only one who didn't get a bath tonight-maybe in the morning!  After baths, we all had supper and then it was time for bed-yard work is hard on the kids!

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