February 12, 2012

A meltdown of the Queen!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • The plan now was to wake up in time for everyone to have baths but 2/5 isn't too bad.  Robby, Campbell and Keaton all had a shower together.  Campbell was not happy at all because she wanted a bath and wasn't even pleased when Keaton joined them.  And it started out to be such a good morning and Campbell was so excited about her bath-she even dumped and crumpled her donuts on the ground so she could be finished earlier.
  • At church we found out why they were trying to find us last week for Keaton-she just wasn't herself.  Today after church she went to sleep in her car seat and we just put her in a bedroom at Grannymom's house while we had lunch.  I went in to check on her and she was covered in spit up-it was more like throw up.  I woke her up to get her our and she then proceeded to dry heave for a bit....poor thing.  I hope it was me putting some milk based formula in with her soy formula.  She was pretty pitiful and even when we made it home she was just not herself.  Though I will admit that she does get a bit spoiled on Sunday mornings with people holding her and it doesn't help that her little tooth is just days away from coming in.  Though tonight and this evening, she has been her little happy self (mostly)
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had a great time playing with Lilly and Cash.  They could have stayed for a long time to play but we had a few errands to run before heading home.  When we made it home, I put Campbell down and then picked up everything we had brought in and then it was time to turn around and go back to church.  
  • We first dropped the kids off at Nonna and Pops and then went to church for our baby dedication class.  It was fine and then we sped over to pick up the kids before going home.  The Stotts came over for pizza, playtime for the kids and a talk about the garage.  Before they left Robby and Mike dug the footings (kidding).  The kids had a blast playing-the girls dressed up (and if you see the pictures one little girl didn't want to dress up as a princess).
  • The kids were exhausted when we finally got them to bed.  Keaton was grinning and cooing but I still put her down, Campbell was fussy and wanted me to rub her back (and I did briefly) and the others didn't protest at all to go to bed.  

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