February 2, 2012

First bites of cereal!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • So last night when Graham made his 3rd appearance downstairs, we told him to just lay in our bed.  At midnight when we were going to bed, we had forgotten that he was still in our bed and since we didn't want to fight it, we made him a pallet on the floor and he slept all night.  This morning he thought it was funny that we had moved him and he never knew it.
  • Also this morning, when we woke up it was 7:50 and we needed to leave in about 10 minutes to get everyone to school.  We decided that we would just let the boys skip school and all sleep until they woke up.  Of course in only a few minutes everyone was up and stirring.  It was still wait for school so they boys were excited about spending the day at Nonna and Pops' house.
  • I think that everyone played fairly well today and Anderson said that no one got in trouble.  I doubt that is exactly true but hopefully pretty close.  They played pretty hard and were tired by the time we headed home.  When we finally made it home, Reagan, Anderson and Graham ran across the yard picking daffodils.  We are going to have tons of them-if they are not picked first.  
  • Robby worked from home today and he helped put Campbell down for her nap and on the way to bed, they put her paci down the sink.  He even ran the garbage disposal.  She was upset and did her ugly cry but went to bed without too much screaming.  So now we have said goodbye to that paci.  Tonight she cried for awhile but not a crazy, crazy amount of time.
  • We did school and then everyone went outside to play-well, until the boys got in the dirt for a third time and we had to make them come in.  Graham was not happy at all about this but Anderson took it all in stride.  Graham was looking out the window screaming "the girls get to stay out and play" and Anderson would reply "I know" and Graham would scream "Daddy said we had to stay up here" and Anderson would say back "I know."  He didn't seem to mind having to come in.  
  • Also, Anderson's new thing is to call his Daddy by his first name.  He switches between "Rob" or "Robby"-cracks me up every time.  It all started when they were playing football and he hollered "catch Robby."  It is kind of a funny habit-until he is 16.
  • We went out to Arbys tonight and Reagan loves the roast beef sandwiches there.  Absolutely loves them and devoured one and could have finished off another.  Speaking of Reagan-do you see the picture that she drew of me?  I don't think I am angry often but she must think so.  She drew another one of me with a sad face but she scribbled through it.  Maybe I just look like that-maybe I should have some work done.  
  • After supper, we picked up a few things at Kroger.  The kids love to ride in those car shopping carts but it never works out well.  They were decent until check out time and then things went super downhill quickly.  Same thing happens at the library when I try to check out.  We are going to go places and practice standing quietly-coming to a supermarket near you!
  • We came home and everyone had a donut from the store while I fed Keaton her first bites of cereal.  She wasn't too pleased with the whole thing and spit most of it out.  Probably because she was too busy trying to figure out what Campbell was doing-Campbell was holding her donut, kneeling down beside me and Keaton, shouting "good? good?"-she encouraged Keaton the entire time.  
  • Man they grow up fast-no more paci for Campbell, Anderson calls Robby by his first name, Keaton is starting baby food and Graham isn't going to sleep in our bed anymore (well, we will see how that last one goes)

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