February 9, 2012

Valentine's Party!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • It didn't take too much to get the kids stirring this morning when Robby told them to look out of their window to see a back hoe.  The other day the trees were cut and today we had the big stumps back hoed up. And later in the day, Robby saw a neighbor getting stumps ground and went to see about having our stumps removed.  Anyway, that stump man did 2 big stumps and 7 little ones through out the yard.  Now we just need some decent (warm) weather so we can have a yard day soon (hint, hint yard helpers!)
  • This was a crazy morning and it took us half a day yesterday to figure out how everyone would get where they needed to go.  I ended up taking the boys to school and then rushed off to work to see as many kids as I could and Robby took Keaton and Campbell to spend the day with Grannymom and Grandpa and then he dropped off Reagan to play at Kennedy's house early so she wouldn't be late for the Valentine's party.  Though we did have time this morning for Graham to look at Robby's picture on his work badge and say "is that a president?"
  • The boys did fine going to school but Anderson was in a bit of a mood when he got in the car-said that he didn't get to play on the computer (might be true), didn't get to play outside (not true-Graham saw him) and didn't have a snack (not true-later told me what he had).  He perked up a bit when we got to the Valentine's party but when it came time for crafts, he was adamant that he didn't want to do it.  So I made him sit on the couch while we had crafts-he did eventually join us.  I think all of the matchbox cars in the living room were calling his name
  • Graham and Reagan were all about craft time and they were all about play time.  We ended the party with a game of hide and seek.  They all had a good time and Anderson would say "touche" about the party.  Ha!  He has heard Phineas or Ferb say that and he says it all the time-it is so funny because he doesn't know what it means or how to use it at all (I barely do).
  • Robby had picked up Keaton and Campbell.  When we made it home, Keaton was sound asleep in the car seat in the house (never ever happens) and Campbell was helping Robby work form home.  That wasn't going so well!  She went down for a nap and then we started school.
  • I thought that school would go smoothly today even though we didn't have much time.  And the boys were so easy today.  At one point, Anderson sat down and finished every bit of his work that I had laid out for him.  Graham was as happy as he could be too.  But not so much for Reagan.  I don't even remember what set her off but she cried, moaned and wailed.  I made her get the spoon, I tried to give her time to calm down, I threatened to send her to bed.  Her mood never changed until we were almost finished (and we just did the major stuff).  
  • By the time Reagan perked up and was happily doing her work, the boys were finished with theirs and about to go to play when Anderson remembered about cleaning his desk.  Of course I am all of cleaning so we covered their desks in shaving cream and they had a big time.  I even got a few cars for them to play with and they did this for at least 15 minutes and you better believe we will be doing that again very, very soon
  • Then we had supper and later I was in the living room and the boys were playing.  Next think I knew, Anderson was taking off his shirt-mind you, it is 60 degrees in this house (really 68 but it feels much cooler-I am wearing my jacket).  There is no reason that he could have been hot so I wondered if maybe he was sick.  I asked what he was doing and he said "I am going to be tough bully"  Okay, I don't really know what that means but it must involve rough housing with your brother.  Soon Graham and Campbell's shirts were off and all 4 of them were in the floor wrestling.  Reagan is the only one who kept her shirt on (that's my girl!)
  • Then it was time for bed around here-and early.  Ha!  We sent them to bed early and no one even knew the difference.  Love that no one really had a concept of time-oh, what did we spend our extra 30 minutes doing-Robby fed Keaton and then he snoozed while holding her and I got school ready for next week.   

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