February 17, 2012

Dennie Family Rock 'n Roll Show!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Graham was up at 6:50 this morning which is fine even though we are trying to teach him to stay in bed until 7.  He laid by me, I scooted a bit and he scooted right towards me-like I am a magnet.  Soon enough everyone was downstairs we were having breakfast a bit earlier than usual.
  • After breakfast, they played upstairs while I got ready and then we started school.  Most of school was our leftover easy stuff from the week so we breezed through it.  I still am amazed at Campbell during school.  She colored on one piece of paper off and on for most of the time.  She then found a bag of beads and I tried to take it from her but ended up letting her have it to avoid a fit.  That little thing dumped them out and then picked up everyone of them. 
  • Then I had everyone get ready from my laundry piles in my room and then we started cleaning.  I tried to make Anderson vacuum but he didn't really try.  When he said he was done I asked if he had done my room and he said yes-though there were no vacuum tracks in there.  I just vacuumed myself but I am thinking that my vacuum isn't really picking up much though. 
  • Then we cleaned upstairs a bit, brushed teeth and headed to Rock Creek.  We were there a bit early and had time to review our memory work.  We were waiting on Kennedy to come in with us and soon my car was getting pretty wild.  Even Campbell was excited-when we drove up, she said "slide, Momma, out, byebye baby" (telling her baby doll bye).  
  • When we came in it was crazy crowded but soon most people left and it was just our crew there.  Our crew had 18 kids in it though so it was still wild.  Anderson was the only one of mine who got a bit hurt-just a fall.  Though it didn't take too long for him and Graham to tire out and want to sit in my lap.  Of course this was fine but their heads were so nasty sweaty.  
  • We had our lunch there and finally made it home around 2.  Dave was in the yard collecting wood for his stove so the kids didn't want to go in.  They played outside and swung until I finally made them come in so Campbell could take a nap.  It was around 3 and I wondered if I should just let her stay up but I didn't think that would have been too good of an idea.  
  • Graham fell asleep while watching a movie and Keaton slept about 20 minutes.  Soon Nonna and Pops came over for a bit and even played with the kids for a few minutes.  After they left, Robby was home in a few minutes.  We sat outside and played with Belle until after 5.  Reagan isn't that afraid of Belle, Anderson finally came outside after watching through the window for the longest and Graham reluctantly came out when Robby offered him candy.  He is terrified of old Belle.  They all did enjoy giving her some treats.
  • Next was supper and then more playtime.  The kids put on a performance for us tonight.  They were a rock band.  Reagan was the singer and the boys were guitar players.  There was lots of dancing, running, sliding and singing.  They tried a bit of choreography but it didn't work out too well!  Ha!
  • Finally it was bedtime and I had to run the washing machine to finish packing.  The washing machine scares Graham at night (or at least that is what he says).  He came out of his room and said that he was scared so I showed him the washing machine and sent him back to bed.  Haven't heard from him yet!

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