February 29, 2012

Making Green Eggs & Ham!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Anderson was again the first one up and Graham wakes us all up with his blood curdling scream of "Mommmmmmy, I'm ready to get uuuuuuuppppp!!!!!  Everyday my heart skips a beat when he does this and everyday his little scream wakes up everyone else in the house.
  • This morning the kids all quickly grabbed our phones and the game phone and started playing-it was still before 7. Those things are so addictive.  Campbell was the only one without one and she kept saying "Rearea my turn? Son my turn? Graham my turn?"  When Robby left, I made them put them up and Campbell finally had a turn.
  • Next up was breakfast and we did some memory work and then I let them play while I ran around trying to get a few things done.  We then started school and it went very well-we even finished Reagan a Dr. Seuss book or two.  Then we had more playtime while I finished up my chores and then it was lunch time.
  • Lunch today consisted of green eggs (Green Eggs and Ham) and apples (Apples on Top).  And then we had a little green eggs and ham snack that I made from pretzels, chocolate and m and ms.  Then Anderson remembered that he had brought home a sheet about making a train out of graham crackers, icing and round candies so we did that too.  I think that we were having lunch for over an hour today!
  • After lunch, I put Campbell down for a nap and was hoping that Keaton would take one but she is now out of that sleeping baby phase and seems to be awake all of the time.  Anyway, Reagan and I did play a game of Sequence and Grannymom and Grandpa came over to add a piece to the trailer.  
  • Everyone but Campbell played outside while Campbell finished her nap.  Of course, with all that running on the footings-lots of falling has been happening.  We have 2 bandaids and 4 skint knees (today!).  Soon Campbell was up too and then it was time for supper.
  • Since Robby was able to come home early today and us go to church together, we didn't go to see Beebee.  But we still have to start on supper a bit after 4.  They were all watching a movie in my room so I laid a blanket down and everyone ate on the blanket.  When I came in there again, Graham was laying face down on the blanket snoozing!  Poor thing, he so needs an afternoon nap but if he takes one then he doesn't go to sleep until late.  
  • I was able to wake him up pretty easily by telling him that the digger man was back.  He put some string up (that means nothing to me but it looks like progress).  So as he worked Campbell and Graham were standing in the desk chair downstairs to see, Reagan was in one upstairs window and Anderson was in the other.  
  • Robby came home and then we immediately loaded up to head to church.  Robby and Anderson both were give complements by their teachers about how well they behaved.  And Reagan said 5 verses tonight and one we had never practiced-something is up with that though because she sure was smiley when I asked her-it was like 10 lines long.  Oh, well trying to get that extra credit book finished by the end of the year.  Poor Campbell didn't get a glowing review from her teacher's tonight-Mr Robert and Ms Patricia were down the hall and Campbell was not happy about that at all!  Hopefully next week they will be back in her class!

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