February 19, 2012

Campbell loving being at G-mom & G-pa's!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

    • At the Dennie house, Keaton stirred once in the middle of the night and Campbell woke up around 5.  They made it to church and the girls did fine when they were dropped off at church.  Keaton slept most of the time and Campbell as always played hard.
    • Lilly and Cash came back over this afternoon to see them again and Campbell is relishing all of the attention.  They had baths tonight and were settling down for the evening when we talked to them.  Robby told Campbell that he had a present for her and she said "want it"
    • At the Brock house, everyone slept well.  They made it to church and afterwards had lasagna and lima beans for lunch (per Reagan's report).  Then the went to see Beebee and then Papaw-it sounded like they had quite the feast at Papaw's place.  
    • This afternoon the boys spent lots of time outside.  Nonna told me this story-once they got home from church, Graham headed to the bicycle and Anderson noticed where he was going and shoved him into the truck so he could get there first-boys!
    • At the Dallas hotel, Robby and I woke up at 9 and then lounged around until 11.  We went to eat BBQ for lunch at Randy Whites BBQ.  The food was good but the bonus was that they had free rolls, cornbread, ice cream and peach cobbler.  Robby and I got the sampler platter and we could have fed all of the kids with the food.  We will have to put it on our list for next Dallas trip.
    • Then we headed back to Ikea-today's purchases consisted off: pillows and dishes for Amber, a bench for the front porch, a rack to stand up my lids, flashlights for the kids, a little coat rack, a few pictures, a mousepad and a few clocks for the schoolroom.
    • We then drove back to the Dallas hotel and have eaten a bag of chocolates.  Robby has done our taxes and I have finished our California trip pictures.  Another wild and crazy night!

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