February 4, 2012

Erupting Volcanoes!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
(click here for a video)
    • So last night when Robby and I went to bed he went up to check on the kids...and soon he called me up there as well.  Campbell had stripped down and was naked as she could be.  She had been that way pretty long because her bum was pretty cold.  Thankfully the bed was still dry.
    • Robby was up early to get the oil changed and the kids came down one by one.  We had told them last night that it was Saturday and Robby would be home and then he wasn't there when they woke up so they were pretty confused.  We laid there for awhile and the girls wanted me to rub their backs and I did.  Then I rubbed Anderson's leg and he said "uh, Momma that is my leg."  I guess he didn't want me to rub his little leg.
    • The kids played upstairs and then I noticed that Campbell and Keaton were the only ones I could find.  I assumed the other 3 were watching a movie so I went to check.  They weren't in the schoolroom watching tv but I could hear them in the closet with the door shut.  Then I had a dilemma-do I just let them keep doing what they are doing or do I check on them to make sure they aren't doing something to bad.  I acted like I didn't see anything and went on about my business.  Turns out they were sharpening pencils-lots and lots of pencils-at least 100.  That was fine with me since it kept them quite for awhile and now we have 100 sharpened pencils!
    • Campbell did help me make Mexican casserole.  Her job was the stir the cream of chicken soup and rotel together. She did great at that until I noticed that she was shoveling it in her mouth as fast as she could-must have thought it was her snack.  Not many moms would feed their 2 year old rotel for snack-I did.
    • At some time during the day, we had breakfast and lunch but most of the day kind of ran together.  Robby took Graham and Campbell to Grandpa's for a few minutes and then they went to Sams.  When they made it back, it was time for Campbell's nap before the birthday party. 
    • This afternoon we went to Ethan's 6th birthday party.  It was at a gym and the kids loved riding all of the bikes around.  Graham can ride a big bike just as well (if not a bit better) than Anderson. They had some pretty neat bikes/trikes there.  And after hot dogs and the fixings, we had a science experiment.  Amber had made everyone volcanos and they each got to make it erupt 3 times.  The first time Anderson did it, the lava jumped up and he scooted back so fast.  They all loved it but Campbell was probably the most surprised-every time that it happened.
    • After the party, we came home for bedtime.  Pretty smooth until Graham started his "scared" business.  He did come downstairs which ended up in a spanking.  Finally he was able to tell us that he was scared of the laundry thing "washer" which had been running when they went to bed.  After a brief stint in the pack n play, he calmed down and everything sounds calm now.  But I did mean to safety pin Campbell's pajamas on and forgot that.

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