February 8, 2012

An adorable smile or what!?!?!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Reagan was the sleeper this morning and snoozed until after Robby left for work.  Keaton even woke up this morning to enjoy time in the mosh pit-also known as my bed.  
  • I had my shower and then breakfast for everyone.  They watched a movie (Anderson) and played upstairs (everyone else).  I then had Reagan start on her school a bit early-decided that it was probably a good thing for her take some initiative and get some stuff done without me having to encourage her.
  • We then had school and Campbell is so funny.  As we were doing our group time, she picked up a piece of paper (thinking it was a song), held to up so we all could see and started singing "Holy, Holy, Holy." Then she just spent her time sitting on top of her desk cutting a piece of paper.
  • Reagan and I worked on her killer whale project then we had lunch.  And during lunch, someone mentioned our snow ice cream that we had made when it snowed-and since I had some leftovers, we thawed that out and had some.  And then they wanted to do the jelly bean graph again.
  • After lunch, they helped me with the laundry and soon it was time for Campbell's nap.  I did some treadmill time and Graham sat with me and watched "Cake Boss."  I finally had to stop and get out the picture of Reagan and me standing in front of the store thinking it might help him remember being there.  He watched one whole show and asked to watch another one-this is the same child who will not sit still for one cartoon.
  • I then got distracted with working on Anderson's pant.  He had holes in both knees and I sewed some denim underneath and then worked on making my sewing not look so tacky (though I probably just made it look worse! ha!)  Anyway, my plan was to start getting everyone ready at 3:30 but I looked at the clock at 4:09.  I told the kids and they moved pretty swiftly.  I managed to get everyone ready and even have them pick up a few things before we left.
  • We made it to see Beebee a bit before they brought her her supper.  She was in good spirits and the kids did the best they had ever done.  Probably because they had a bit more room to stand around.  The boys busied themselves with trying rock Keaton's seat so hard that she would fall out.  Reagan talked to Beebee as well as Graham but Anderson would have nothing to do with Beebee.  
  • Next up was Cubbies and Sparks.  Everyone had a good time and Graham's teachers were very complimentary of his behavior.  But Anderson learned one downside of having your parents work right outside your door tonight-we heard his teacher call his name and within a matter of seconds Robby was watching from the window and I was standing in the doorway.  I also leaned across the door and reprimanded him and Robby reaffirmed that this evening. Though I don't really think he was doing much wrong but I don't want anything to get started.
  • Robby took Campbell to the grocery store to pick up some milk and they met us at home.  Everyone was starving after eating supper at 4 in the car.  They had a snack and then it was bedtime.  
  • Keaton note-oh, man that girl wants to sit up.  She tries to raise her head when I put her in the bouncy and the other day in the swing, she sat up and wouldn't lean back.  I had to stay with her until she laid down so she didn't fall out.  She continues to spit up continuously but smiles and watches us all the time.  Campbell was so happy to help me with her bath this afternoon.  But she desperately wanted to pour water over Keaton like me-I didn't let her so she just poured it over herself.

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