February 26, 2012

Celebrating G-Mom's Birthday!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • So again I forgot a few things from last night-first one as Robby and I were doing some yard work last night we started out with 5 rakes.  One of those was already breaking and by the time we finished our yard work, we had 3 broken ones, 2 ones that survived and we had also found a lost rake.  It had been put in the lady's yard in front of our house.
  • Also last night as we were trying to clean up before the sun went down, Anderson started screaming.  He was holding has hand all funny and I was almost sure that it was broken by his horrible scream.  "Did you fall? What happened?"  He couldn't tell me what happened at all.  Eventually I saw a splinter sticking out.  He continued to scream so I took him in and then Robby came in.  We were able to get some of the splinter out but the screaming was too much and we had to just let the rest stay in there.  It is still in his little hand today but doesn't seem to be too bad.  A google search revealed that the splinter should come out on its own in a few days.  But of course, all of this happens while Campbell is screaming from her diaper rash, Keaton is screaming, Graham is waiting outside without his shirt and fussing because he is getting cold.  
  • So back to today, Robby had a breakfast at church at 8 so that left us on our own to get ready.  Reagan did not approve at my church outfit for her and had herself a little fit and then on our way out of the door, Anderson decided that he wanted to take Cash some candy but I didn't let him so he had a fit.  By the time we did make it to the car, Robby was calling to see where we were.  We still made it on time and were able to see Pops (Graham is under the impression that Pops doesn't go to church anymore), drop everyone off and sit down before church started.  
  • The kids were fine in church and we survived worship care (it was just Robby and I with 3 little babies).  Then we went to Dana's for lunch.  We celebrated Grannymom's birthday with a yummy meal, lots of trampoline time and presents.
  • Campbell is quite the trampoline jumper.  If she is the only one jumping she is happy and smiley but when anyone else starts jumping with her, she would start screaming and throw herself down and kick her feet.  If I could have only reached her....but in her defense, when others started jumping that would toss and bounce her around like a ragdoll.
  • When we finally made it home, Reagan went to work on a scavenger hunt for the boys.  She had made them each a coloring book, had hidden cookies for them and even made them a coupon for a lemonade.  I had the lemonade ready and snoozed peacefully while they ate.  "Snoozed peacefully" might not be the right term since I was also feeding Keaton. 
  • Around 5 everyone decided that they wanted to go outside so we sent them out.  There was lots of dirt play, Robby and Graham played soccer, everyone got a few pushes in the swing and before it got dark it was time for baths.  The first crew had theirs while half ate and then they switched.  Keaton is the one who needs a bath but she was asleep and missed her chance-there's always tomorrow!

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