February 14, 2012-Valentine's Day

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Valentine's Day and Parties!
  • Keaton's schedule was off last night and she woke up around 12 when we were going to bed to eat.  And shortly thereafter Graham joined us in bed.  Robby woke up enough to walk him back to bed and then I had to go up there twice since he kept yelling "momma, I neeeeeed to teeeeell you sommmmmething."  By the time I made it up there, Campbell was awake along with Reagan.  I was able to get everyone calm and back to sleep.  Then Robby ended up feeding Keaton around 5-I guess the late night feed last night messed up her sleeping schedule.
  • Keaton has been a little off lately but I think that it is because she is teething and possibly has a cold.  Yesterday she just wanted me to hold her and this afternoon she only had 20-40 minute naps at a time-that's just not cool.  Though when I fed her the cereal tonight, she was so excited.  She didn't eat it any better but she was sure happy about what was going on.  She was kicking her legs and swinging her hands so much that she knocked the spoon into her hair and kicked my bowl onto my lap.  
  • This was party day at the boys' school.  I have to bounce back between parties but saw most everything-cupcakes, punch and games.  Anderson's class did get to pass out their Valentine's during the party.  Ms Stacy was a bit worried that the kids wouldn't know what to do and asked the parents to help.  I followed behind Anderson and he knew exactly what to do-not a problem.
  • In Graham's room they had a few games and everyone even got a balloon to take home.  The balloon made it to the car, made it to Pops house and even made it home.  Most of the afternoon people were fighting over it and we only had one breakdown when the Campbell let the balloon go in the stairway in the one area that was too high to reach.  I tried to calm Graham down explaining that I could get it-I stood on a bar stool in the middle of the floor and nope, I couldn't reach it.  Plan B did work though-tape on a broom and then I stuck it to the string.  Soon after Graham decided that he wanted to cut off all of the string and while I was trying to explain to him that he couldn't cut all of the string, he was getting upset and started swinging the adult scissors in his hand and swung them right into the balloon.  I jumped up and grabbed some tape to cover the hole to salvage it.  It still is floating but he shortened its lifespan by a few days (great news to me!)
  • I had a game to play for Anderson's class-nothing exciting but another mom had a great game.  Eat the donut off of the string.  They loved it.  The first group that went had a few girls who daintily ate their donut and Anderson's group just gobbled theirs down in one chomp.  
  • Reagan, Campbell and Keaton had spent the morning with Nonna and Pops.  They had been busy most of the morning long decorating cakes and cupcakes.  Reagan was the official cake decorator and really enjoyed doing that.  I was happy that she even got a bit of her work done-anything that we can do before school helps out.  If Reagan was the official decorator, then Campbell was the official taste tester.
  • When we made it to Nonna's house, Anderson went through his Valentine bag (Graham didn't want to bring his in because he didn't want anyone to get it-smart boy).  They all had a piece of candy-Anderson is always so good to share.  Then we had lunch and then devoured Reagan and Campbell's cupcakes.
  • Everyone played for awhile and then we headed home.  At home, Graham dumped his candy and Campbell helped go through it (eat it).  Then she took a nap, Keaton had a bottle and the rest of us started school time.  I am always surprised at how long school takes us-I look at what we have to do and always under estimate how long it will take.  Like today, the last 3 of Reagan's boxes were fun boxes dealing with candy heart math.  It still took us 2.5 hours and the boys stuck with it the whole time-but who wouldn't when they have a graph full of candy that I said they could eat.  
  • Keaton then woke up (again-she had already been asleep and woken up once during school) and I woke Campbell up before supper. I got out the leftovers and then Robby came in with sweet and sour chicken for me (my V-day gift) along with a calendar (my standard and necessary V-day gift).  I loved them both and the kids had the leftovers while I sat and ate my chinese.  Delicious.
  • I had planned on making a Valentine's cake with the kids but Robby had a dozen donuts with him so we all had those as our Valentine's day dessert.  After that, the kids all watched a movie and I read a few books to them.  I think that some day I am going to read 100 books to them during one day-wouldn't that be fun?  I would just have to find short books-maybe for the last day of school.
  • After books, it was bedtime.  Graham was the first one asleep and was snoozing soundly when I had to go up there to put Campbell's diaper back on.  I told her that I would safely pin it to her skin and she whimpered back "no" like she knew what I had said.  But alas I don't have any safety pins or duct tape!

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