February 27, 2012

Let the digging begin...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)  
  • Robby was quick to point out this morning that I had neglected to hear Keaton at 2 and then at 6 this morning.  I never heard any of it...and I plan on not hearing anything tonight either!  Hopefully, she will sleep through the night tonight but she ate a bit later and missed her cereal so we will see.
  • After Reagan and Anderson left for school, Graham decided that he wanted to watch a movie so I tried to show him how to use the remote since the others usually do it and don't let him touch the remote.  He kind of got it but could never find anything he wanted to watch so we soon all headed to clean out a closet.
  • I worked on the hall closet while Keaton watched and Graham and Campbell played games.  Campbell played some noisy caterpillar game where she picked up each marble to put on the caterpillar's hands.  She worked pretty hard at it and then she put all of the marbles back in the bag-this took forever but she didn't get up.  Graham played Candyland and I played with him.  He did really well playing and stuck with it the whole game.  He is getting big-seems like yesterday that he couldn't play any games.
  • After our games and probably during a snack (Graham asks to eat every 5 minutes when he is the biggest kid here)  Jodee called to say the digger man was on the way.  So we finished the snack and headed upstairs to get our viewing area ready.  I worked on folding 2 loads of laundry while Graham waited for digger man.  
  • When he arrived, it was like Christmas for Graham and even Campbell.  Graham would watch, wave, show his animals to the workers and give me frequent reports while I folded.  I called Robby and he didn't want to miss out on the fun so he volunteered to pick Anderson up from school.  They were almost to the house when the cement truck was about to start.  I had to call and tell them to get there quick so Anderson wouldn't miss all of the excitement.
  • They flew home and made it just in time.  He was able to see most of the cement and even see a bit more being dug.  The other day when something was delivered, Anderson had a pen and paper and drew a picture.  He is now our official addition artist and as he ran in the door today trying to jerk his shoes off to get upstairs, he shouted at me to get a pen and paper for him.  He was so proud of his drawing today of all of the equipment.
  • We watched until they pulled out of the driveway, taking only a brief break (while they waited for more cement) to eat lunch.  When the workers left, Campbell laid down for a brief nap.  I then fed Keaton and we both snuggled up in the chair and I tried my hardest not to fall asleep because within just a few minutes it was time to go and pick up Reagan from school.
  • Reagan had seen fish eggs at school today and was very excited about this.  It was also girls show and tell day and we had forgotten but she said that she showed everyone her finger nail polish.  She said that she showed it to everyone in the room.  Oh, I would love to be a fly on the wall during show and tell.
  • After picking her up, everyone put on their shorts and outside shoes and they played outside-I stayed outside some and managed to play soccer, push the swing and throw the baseball all while holding Keaton.  Anderson did finally figure out how to swing by himself today so that was a big accomplishment.
  • Neighbor girl came over and asked to eat supper with us.  She constantly asks and I gave in tonight-mainly because she told the kids that she didn't have any food at her house.  If she is hungry I will definitely feed her but I just don't really believe her.  Anyway, she did get a hot dog tonight and they all ate on the picnic table.
  • We called them in when it was nearly dark and Robby hosed them all off in the shower while I dried and clothed them.  We had a little assembly line going on and it worked out well-everyone was able to have some warm water for their shower.  I then left to have coffee with the girls (Candace's going away party) and Reagan and Anderson watched a movie while Graham snuggled with Robby on the couch.

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