March 31, 2012

Mini me!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Everyone was pretty lazy this morning including Robby who possibly had himself a bit too much benedryl to combat his poison ivy (and now I think that Graham has a bit of it too).
  • Since we had a 2 o clock birthday, we opted to not work out in the yard.  So Robby vacuumed the house with my new vacuum (my old one was never the same after vacuuming up some vomit and some fake snow).  The new one did pick up 5 pounds of stuff though from the floor-yuck-now Robby is required to vacuum weekly!
  • The kids mostly played upstairs and worked on birthday cards for Hayley's party.  Before the party, Robby ran in to Walmart and was gone forever it seemed.  He was gone long enough for Keaton, Campbell, Graham and I all to have a bit of a nap sitting in the Walmart parking lot.  He did return with candy and light bulbs for the kids room (unfortunately they were the wrong size though).  We even had a few more minutes and ran to Sonic for one big drink to share.  While we were there, Reagan said that it felt like we were on a trip-probably because we had been in the car so long.
  • Hayley's birthday party was fun-the kids all enjoyed playing outside and eating cupcakes and lots of chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  Graham asked me to make some for him.  Keaton sat on the blanket most of the time and took all of the activity in.  I have always said that I thought 6 months is the perfect age and it really is-so aware of everything, happy just sitting up with a few toys and can't move around yet!
  • Then we came home for a bit.  Just long enough for Keaton to take a brief nap and Campbell to try to take a nap.  She couldn't so she sat with me for a bit and I taught her how to play a game on Robby's new ipad.  Soon Reagan and Anderson were there taking over the thing from us so Campbell and I made supper.
  • The kids ate and then we loaded up to go to The Kingdom.  At the beginning, Reagan heard the music and said "it sounds like Angry Birds"-I think my kids are addicted to that silly game.
  • Graham was so excited to get to go and he constantly asked me questions during the program "is that a real shepherd?" "is that really Jesus?" "can we go home?" "can we see it again?"  Reagan, Anderson and Graham took the whole thing in and were all very bothered by the crucifixion scene.  Graham was the most nervous and I don't really know that if he understands that it was all just a play tonight-even though we tried to explain it.  
  • As we were getting in the car, Graham said "That kingdom play was too long" and then he added "We should have gone home when it was almost done."  Campbell and Keaton didn't think that it was too long-they spent the evening happily in the nursery wearing their pajamas.   I was all about saving a few minutes when we made it home.  Ms. Lisa and Campbell sang Itsy Bitsy spider and Campbell sagn it the whole way home.  Her version went something like "spider all down."
  • Though we barely were able to get Campbell into the car, she kept saying "Daddy's car" meaning that she wanted to ride home in Daddy's car.  She thought that it was like a Wednesday night when we have two cars up there.  Finally we were able to convince her to get in the van!
  • The kids were exhausted when we made it home and no one has made a peep

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