July 29, 2012-Happy Birthday Graham!

Happy 4th Birthday Graham!
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  • Weekend birthdays get celebrated for days around here.  Today was Graham's official birthday so after getting ready this morning, we drove through Burger King and picked up cinna minis for the kids.  When we lived on Gamble this was our traditional Sunday morning breakfast but since moving out to the sticks we have biscuits and gravy instead (or usually white donuts) on Sundays.  But 4 year old birthdays call for cinna minis.
  • During big church, a man tore through a phone book to promote church tonight.  Seriously, he just ripped the phone book in half-we practically had to pick Anderson up off of the floor.  He had never seen anything like that before and especially not in church.  When I told him that Daddy would try to do it this afternoon, his eyes were huge.  We did forgot to whip out the old phone book and practicing our tearing skills.
  • Next up was worship care in Graham's class.  We usually bounce between Keaton and Campbell's classes and haven't been in Graham's class since before Christmas.    Graham was pretty clingy to us but  since it was his birthday, that was fine.  It was a busy place and when I realized that will be the crew that we will have next year in Sunday school, I get a little worried.  There are some wild little boys in that class.
  • We had Graham's birthday lunch at Grannymom's house.  His was so happy to have mini cupcakes and was thrilled that he could have seconds because it was his birthday.  Robby and Campbell ran an errand to Home Depot while Grannymom and Reagan went to check on Wilson (Dana's dog).  The rest of us, stayed and worked on building a boat out of some of Grannymom's construction toys.  Our boat was pretty impressive though I do hate to brag! (I did most of the work-shhh!)
  • Back at home, I worked on school stuff, Robby worked on his outside sink and the garage, Campbell and Keaton slept, Reagan, Anderson and Graham watched a few movies and then played.  I met Jodee and brought Kennedy to the house for a bit and everyone played together then-some form of princess/knights/nerf gun/hiding and seek game.  I never understood what was going on except that the girls were running from the boys while wearing princess dresses yet the boys were protecting the girls with their nerf guns.  Eventually, I had enough and called everyone down to eat and for a few library stories.
  • Then they went up for more playing while Keaton stayed with me in the kitchen and then outside.  Jodee arrived, Robby showered and then we sang Happy Birthday to Graham and finished off the birthday cupcakes.  I let him open his present from us and he was tickled with his little dinosaur book.
  • Campbell said her prayers tonight and she deviated from her usual "thank you God, amen" and said "thank you God see Grandpa, see Grannymom, amen." (Thank you God that we saw Grandpa and Grannymom today).
  • After the kids went to bed, our living room was turned into Santa's workshop.  We had promised the kids bikes when we had a garage and since it is finished, I used Graham's nutrition center money and bought everyone bikes.  They are going to be beside themselves with excitement tomorrow.  Now of course, they will have to do school first-I bet it will be the best (and fastest) day of school ever.  Ha!

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