July 25, 2012

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  • Campbell and Graham were up again this morning during my shower-laying in my bed drinking their milk.  Cute little things.  Then they moved and sat on the step until I was ready.  Campbell had dug her beloved pink shorts out of the dirty laundry pile and convinced me that they were clean enough to wear so she was ready to get her clothes on.
  • We then went upstairs to wake up everyone else and Anderson was ready to get downstairs to start reading the magic tree house book.  He might be a bit obsessed and was so disappointed when I only read two chapters at breakfast (though I did finish it at lunch).  The book scared Graham a bit so he always wants me to stop reading but Reagan and Anderson want me to continue.  Today, I noticed Campbell just staring at me as I read-she usually listens well to picture books but doesn't attend to chapter books at all-but maybe she did a bit today.
  • Keaton woke up with a runny nose and was a bit tired most of the day but she was quite entertaining at school today-crawling from desk to desk and then gaining the attention of whoever was sitting there but also grabbing at all papers and pencils that she could get her hands on.  
  • After yesterday, school did go much better today.  Graham does get his work done quickly and then doesn't leave which is fine.  I am just going to have to give him more work in his box because everything that I pulled out for him to do today he didn't want to do.  Campbell chooses to do nothing that I have put her in box but she does manage to stay busy and relatively quiet so that is fine with me.  Reagan's got a bit frustrated with her math today (not because she didn't know how to do it but because everyone else was finishing and she wasn't).  Anyway, when I told her that her last thing was a typing game she did perk right up.  Anderson continues to surprise me with how well he is doing-I truly thought he would balk at everything that I have lined up for him to do.
  • After school, I gave everyone a few chores-Reagan folding the laundry, Anderson downstairs trash cans, Graham upstairs trash cans.  Pretty soon I will just be able to eat my bon bons in my bathrobe while they do all the work around here-can't wait.  (Of course I am kidding-I don't like bon bons!)
  • Soon it was nap time so Reagan and I worked a puzzle-over 200 pieces.  Robby asked why I didn't take any pictures of us working the puzzle-it was because I was too busy working that puzzle.  The boys helped a bit but not too much-they were overwhelmed at the number of pieces.
  • Robby came home and we had baked potatoes for supper.  Reagan and Anderson ate theirs and Campbell's and Graham's who didn't touch theirs at all.  They will be famished in the morning but those potatoes sure were good-Graham even said that he wanted to go to bed so he could get out of eating his.  Though we didn't make them eat them since I had only made the kids 1/2 and Reagan and Anderson both requested more.
  • We went outside for a few minutes to water the plants but that still ended up in showers for the kids.  Campbell loves her kid sized shower but I think that is just because she doesn't like my grown up sized shower-she feels trapped in it.

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