July 10, 2012

Yes, we love each other!
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  • Graham came in our bed sometime during the middle of the night.  I found at later that he had wet the bed and changed his clothes before coming down.  Pretty smart little guy-since all of that is done in the dark.  I hate to brag but a few months ago we thought he would be in pull ups at night for the rest of us life but something has just clicked over the past few weeks and he has been dry every night-well, except last night.
  • Right after 6, Campbell woke up and started fussing.  Robby went upstairs and they laid in the floor for a long while.  Anderson must have walked around them to come and get in bed with me.  All he could think about was breakfast-he wanted it then.  He was so convincing that he was starving that I did get up and get him breakfast.  He wanted to watch a movie but I said no-too early.  But I did feel pretty sorry for him seeing him eat breakfast all alone in the dark kitchen.  But within a few minutes, Campbell was coming down the steps and he convinced her that she also needed breakfast.  And before I could get in the shower, Graham and Reagan had joined the others-they are all still on East coast time and I don't think that I like that very much.
  • The trim man hung up our shutters today-the outside of the house is looking very finished-except for that huge flower bed that we will have to work on.  Any volunteers?  And as he was working, we loaded up and I took the kids to Nonna and Pops' house.  They must have been busy all morning long-Pops and Keaton had a nap and the others worked on the longest hopscotch ever.  
  • I came back around noon and opened the door and heard everyone go "awww"-they never went to see me come because they know that means it will soon be time to leave.  We eventually loaded up and headed to see Beebee and Papaw.  I had made sure the kids understood that they were not supposed to ask for anything and Beebee told Graham to ask Papaw for some candy.  Graham did what Beebee said but was looking at me like he was going to get in trouble-he didn't.  And he (and everyone) else had way too much candy!  But Beebee and Papaw enjoyed passing it out to them.  As Papaw got up to get the candy, I volunteered and tried to get it as well. Anderson shouted "why are we letting the old man do everything."
  • Back at home, Campbell and Keaton had their afternoon naps while the rest of us played a few games and worked a few puzzles.  Then I let Reagan, Anderson and Graham each put together a little bookshelf that I bought at Ikea last week.  They even got to use the drill-how exciting was that!  
  • Soon Robby was on the way home with the plans of getting our couches that are stored at Beebees.  He borrowed his dad's truck and even made it to Beebee's house before he decided the clouds were too dark.  And they were, by the time he made it home it was pouring.  Soon though it had stopped and he and Pops had trucks full of couches and were hauling them in the garage. 
  • Pops was in for a treat because Robby had him help him move his treadmill up the steps before moving the couches.   The treadmill was probably heavier than the 212 inch tv that we moved last night-at least Robby was sweating more moving the treadmill.  Then the furniture went up the stairs quickly after that.  The kids were so happy to get to help carry the couch cushions.  Graham had been looking forward to helping with the furniture move all day long.
  • Soon it was time for bed and everyone went to bed fairly quickly-though I keep hearing Keaton and Campbell with their coughs.  Hopefully all will rest well

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