Disney Day 5, July 4, 2012

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After being out so late last night, we slept in a bit this morning.  It was 7:45 when I heard Robby stirring.  We did move pretty quickly to get those boys up and out the door with Grannymom and Grandpa to the bus stop-this was the last chance for that. We were at Epcot around its opening and went in the gates.  Robby headed off to get Soarin fast passes while the rest of us walked to Nemo.  
We saw Stitch on the way and I tell you, we have seen Stitch more than any other character.  He seems to be everywhere and I haven't even seen his movie so I know nothing about it.  We soon arrived at the Nemo ride and walked right on.  Yesterday, we were getting on the Haunted Mansion and Graham told me "I like this ride but I like Nemo a lot better."  And they all did seem to enjoy Nemo.  Afterwards, we did our traditional "kid in the shark head" photos and then went to the Turtle Talk show.  At one point during the show, Campbell stood up and started looking for us.  She had had enough turtle talking and was ready to find us.  She eventually spotted us and came back to sit near Keaton who wasn't in too good of a mood.  It was all good though and even better-it was all inside.  
I mentioned Keaton's mood and she has been fine.  But I would be a lot fussier if I was her.  She has a red spot on the back of her head.  It is nasty-reminds me of a carpet burn.  I noticed it today and have been doctoring it so hopefully it will get better quickly.  Maybe we burnt it by laying her in a hot stroller.  I just don't know-I have been checking all of our buggies and car seats for something sharp or rough.  
Back to the day, after the turtle show we walked to the Land.  Everyone but Robby, me, Campbell and Keaton went to ride Soaring.  We had a snack while they were gone and the first thing that Campbell said to Reagan when she returned is "Reagan, I eat a cupcake."  There are no secrets in the Dennie house.  Grannymom said that the kids had a blast on soaring and I can only imagine how in awe Graham was of the ride (this was his first time to ride it).
They all rode the Land boat ride while Robby and I ran to ride Soarin and then we all met up and decided that then was just as good of time as any to eat lunch-seriously, with the meal plan you are never hungry.  After lunch, we opted again walking around all of the countries-though I secretly do enjoy doing that.  We will do that again sometime just on a much cooler day.  
We did, however, do the Phineas and Ferb scavenger type hunt.  You have a phone that they give to you and you follow the clues to defeat the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz (my spelling may not be right here-I have other things to do than figure out how to spell that correctly).  We did this around Great Britain and we picked Britain because it was the closest option.  Lilly, Reagan and Anderson really got into it.  They stayed with it the whole time and could have done this all day long.  At one point the phone caused a golf ball to come out when they had to take to the next spot.  And later, they had to go to a certain shop keeper and tell her a secret phrase.  She then handed them a package of tea that they use to put in the phone as a secret code.  It was pretty neat and we got to see a bit more of the country than usual.  
After we finished the hunt, we headed back towards the ball.  We told the kids that we could go and get some more coke  and Anderson had other plans.  He started begging if we could please, please go where he wanted to go.  We asked where he wanted and he said it was near the ball.  I began explaining that we didn't really have time to stop at the playground we saw and Robby started explaining that we didn't need to get wet.  Anderson said that wasn't what he was talking about and started asking again if we could please go there.  So we said sure and he took off leading us where he wanted to go.  After a bit we figured out where he wanted to go-the same place that we were going after the coke place.  He was so relieved that we were going to be able to do both things.  Where did he want to go so badly?  To the model firetruck and house that they have fire safety drills around.  
We just about drank all of the coke that they had (kidding) and then walked over to take our pictures with a few characters.  Minnie and Goody were at the character meet and greet today so Reagan was thrilled to get her autograph.  Campbell is warming up to the characters now that it is time to head home.  Keaton was pretty enamored with Minnie Mouse and even tried to pull on her ears  
We ended our park day by stopping for ice cream and when we were in our ice cream line, the bottom fell out.  It had looked threatening for a few minutes before and we laughed about getting wet but didn't really think it would rain-we were wrong.  We found some seats to eat our ice cream out of the rain and did a bit of people watching.  Then Campbell  (who was having a fit-theme of the day) and Robby ran back to the coke store and we followed after they had left.  They then ran up ahead to pick up our pictures we had taken earlier.  
We got fairly wet on our way back to the car but we soon dried and were back at the hotel changing into our pajamas.  We had to do a bit of laundry since we had some extra time today because we weren't swimming (still raining).  Campbell who had told me when I was buckling her in the car that she needed to go to sleep.  She was right and went to sleep for a bit but Graham is the one who slept all during nap time.  
The kids watched a movie, had snacks and even played with Lilly and Cash who stopped by.  After too short of a nap time and folding most of the laundry, it was time to ride to the Polynesian.  The park is very, very busy.  We had to pass 3 security guards to get in parking spot and even had to wear a wristband saying that we were aloud to go down for the fireworks.
Our dinner was very good tonight and it was nice to all be at the same table-even though it was a long table.  During the meal, the kids had a coconut broom race.  Thankfully no dishes were broken by any of the Dennie crew during that even-Campbell even participated and did pretty well.  The kids learned the hula, had a parade and even got leis to wear.  They couldn't have been happier.  The entertainer person said "aloha" and everyone said "aloha" back.  Campbell looked at me and said "why we saw yee haw?"  After dinner, we split up from everyone else-Robby had forgotten his card and the park was only going to be open only two more hours.  (ha, I am going back correcting what I wrote last night while I was snoozing and I must have been sleeping hard while writing these last few paragraphs).  
After dinner, we went to the back of the Polynesian for the fireworks and it was even more spectacular tonight.  They were even better tonight from our different angle.  And at one point during the fireworks boats in front of us lit up displaying flags and stars-it was all really cool.  
The kids really didn't notice there was a massive firework show-they were too busy playing in the sand.  We let them and they were as happy as they could be.  It is now on our bucket list to come back to the Polynesian and stay.  Anderson asked if we could please come back here and bring our shovels-sand, my kids just love sand!  We rode back to the hotel and Robby and I worked on getting the roof bag for Robby's early morning packing before taking the kids to get ice cream.
After their ice cream it was time for them to get into bed-I am about to join them as well since I can hardly keep my eyes open!  

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