July 9, 2012

Beautiful Girl!
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  • As my morning child, Anderson, was laying in our bed talking our ears off this morning.  He noticed Keaton's shirt.  He read it "I love New York" and then he told her that he would take her to New York when he was a grown up.  I asked if he would take me too and he replied with "no, you will be an old grandma."  And he continued with "and I don't want to go to New York because of the bugs, the bed bugs."
  • Yesterday when the van movie stopped working we had just picked out 2 movies from red box so Anderson was anxious to get to watch his movie today.  That took up most of the morning and they even had breakfast while watching their movie.  
  • Graham and Campbell played a bit "upstairs" which means in the new part of the house.  It is funny that they think our new addition is "outside."  When Anderson finally went to the toy room, he was very upset with me because I had my 3 huge loads of laundry strewn about the toy room while folding it.  
  • Before I really new what all was going on, the kids had taken all of their nerf guns and were downstairs "guarding" the house.  They had posts and were pretty serious about the whole thing.  Anderson said that they were going to guard the house until Robby came home from work.  I was so hoping that a worker man would come in the door and meet 4 screaming kids shooting their nerf guns at him.  I don't know who would have been more frightened-the worker or the kids.
  • Keaton had her morning nap while the rest of us played a few games-I am trying to play them all before I move them up to the bonus room.  We didn't finish until after noon and then I let them eat in front of the tv while trying to finish up yesterday's movies.
  • Soon the cabinet man was working and probably overhearing me trying to feed Keaton, change Campbell and Keaton, turn off the movies, have everyone pick up and put shoes on and then get everyone to the car.  He told me "I bet at the end of the day, you need a hug."-yes, I do!
  • Keaton had her 9 month doctor's appointment.  Her height and weight were right on target-we think it was 28 inches long and 21.25 pounds (but those are just guesses-that was much earlier in the day).  Robby met us at the doctor's appointment and then we all went to Orange Leaf.  As we went in, Graham said that he liked this one better than Green Leaf (Yogurt Mountain) because you have to pay at that one.  I tried to explain that you had to pay at both-all the kids actually think that everything is free.
  • On the way home, Reagan said that she wanted to follow a car.  She had this all planned out-she wanted to follow someone until they got to where they were going and then drive on by.  We asked "a stranger?"  And she was like of course.  I followed Robby on the way home and I told Reagan when we stopped "look, we did follow someone home."  Reagan said that did not count.  So someday we may be following you home!
  • When we made it home, Anderson, Keaton and Campbell had all fallen asleep in the car.  They played around while Robby and I hauled his 138 inch tv up the stairs.  It was heavy, heavy, heavy!  And then Robby hauled the tv cabinet up the steps himself-I guess I did too much complaining with the tv.
  • We had supper and then all watched a short movie upstairs on the new big, big tv.  Then it was bedtime for all of the kids and now we are searching our empty kitchen for a snack.

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