Disney Day 2: July 1, 2012

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We all slept well last night but 7 came pretty early.  I wake up pretty soar when I sleep with Keaton because I don't move at all laying in the same spot so I can keep my arm on that wiggly child.  Graham also joined us sometime during the night.  I was the first in the shower and by the time I was out everyone was putting on their red shirts.  I sat them all down in Grannymom's room and we passed out white donuts for breakfast.  It is Sunday after all.  While all of this was going on, we tried to shovel some cereal down Keaton but she was too proud of herself in her red dress that she wanted to walk and show it off.  
Once in the car, the kids were back at counting busses.  We parked in our great spot and then hopped on the ferry boat across the lake to the gates of Magic Kingdom.  All along the way, Campbell kept shouting "monorail" and the boys were so enamored with all of the boats that we were seeing-I am going to start saving for a Disney cruise.  Maybe before they go to college!  ha!
We made it to the park just as it opened and Robby went to Space Mountain to get our fast passes and then we did Buzz Lightyear once before everyone else caught up with us.  Keaton loved that ride and enjoyed gnawing on the control stick until I made her stop it.  Anderson and Reagan both can tell who has more points and liked that competition.  That was fun and all but you should see my boys smile when their cousins show up.  With Cash, Joshua and Zach they are just in cousin heaven.
Next up was another Buzz Lightyear ride with the fam and then on to the Tomorrowland Speedway.  Keaton and I sat that ride out to work on her diaper and the others rode-Grannymom and Graham, Reagan and Robby, Campbell and Dana, Anderson and Josh, Lilly and Jenna and Les with Zach (Shelley was the official photographer).   I believe that the consensus was that we should look into a group discount for driver's ed for the kids.  
Then we headed on to Dumbo.  They are renovating that side of the park but the Dumbo is open again along with the Branstormer (we will do that one later).  They have actually doubled Dumbo so there are two of them.  The board said that line was 15 minutes but there wasn't anyone in line, we thought, the line was just hidden inside of a building.  There was also a playground in that building but Grannymom herded the kids on to the line.  During all of this, Robby had time to walk across the park to get fastpasses for another ride and then return with his ice water (any place will give out ice water and that sure is nice-though you do have to find someplace to give you the water).
Next up was Space Mountain and Graham was so excited about riding it.  We go no thought about him being tall enough so we marched across the park to the line and joined it.  Graham was so happy telling the boys what the Space Mountain ride would do since he had rode it in Disney Land.  But gosh darnit that child isn't tall enough to ride it here.  He didn't seem to disappointed (Robby and I were probably more disappointed than him).  Robby whisked him away to ride the Tomorrow Land Transit and he met up with us just as pleased as he could be.  Campbell and Keaton were with Grannymom and Grandpa on this ride too.  
Anderson is my brave little rider-he will ride any ride with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Reagan is not as brave, as we were waiting for Space Mountain I pointed out to her that she was going to be the first one on the car.  She thought about that for a minute and then asked if we could trade seats.  I am probably glad that she did because it was a pretty bumpy ride and I would have been worried about her falling out (not possible but everyone needs something to worry about).
We met up with everyone and then headed across Main Street to Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We arrived at Main Street just as a parade was ending and we were able to see them shoot off Mickey Mouse confetti.  Then all of the kids dived to the ground and started picking up that confetti as fast as they could-seriously, the sweeping folks had nothing to clean up after us Dennies left!  I picked up some too though-Mickey Mouse shaped confetti.  
Some time during the day, we saw a few characters.  Chip and Dale was the one of interest because as we were leaving, Graham just socked Dale in the belly.  Hauled off and punched that chipmunk.  Hard enough that I think he doubled over (not really) but the cast member got on to Graham.  So then we had to get on to Graham and I am pretty sure that we will all keep our hands off of characters from here on out.
Then we dropped off Keaton, Campbell, Grannymom and Grandpa at the Hall of Presidents.  My plan is for us to see that later since we learned most of the president's names (well, Reagan knows the most, followed by Anderson but I still get pretty mixed up).  We all rode Thunder Mountain and Graham was pretty thrilled to be tall enough to ride.  Next up was lunch at Pecos Bills.  Last year at Disney, we ate there and it was raining at the time so we searched for 30 minutes trying to find a table.  This time was much different, I took the kids and we were able to find seats for everyone fairly close together.  
After eating, our plan was to use our Thunder Mountain fast passes and ride it before heading back to the hotel.  Pooey but it was closed for something or another.  So we just headed back to the car-and it is a long, hot walk down Main Street, out the gates and to the boat and then the long, hot walk continues from the boat, across the parking lot and to the car (even though we are parked in our wonderful AAA parking).  Anderson had to potty so Robby did go ahead a pick us up so we avoided a bit of walking.
Robby had a walmart errand but dropped us off first.  Everyone else arrived at the same time and we all met again back at the pool.  Of course, it took us awhile for me to get everyone's suits ready, clothes put up, bags repacked and sunscreen reapplied.  They were very, very helpful because they were ready to get to the pool. 
Campbell had rode the bus home with Grannymom and Grandpa so she was already in the pool-actually she jumped into the water without her floatees.  Grannymom jumped in after her and pulled that child up who never realized that she had gone under!  The water was perfect and all of the kids were in line for the slide-all except Campbell.  Once Robby arrived though Campbell was ready to go down the slide.  That child then went up and down the slide as fast as the boys.  We would try to send her up with someone to help her (Graham, Anderson, Reagan, Lilly, Zach...well, you get the idea) and hopefully she didn't break in front of too many kids.  She would come zooming down with the hugest smile plastered over her face.

My Graham and Anderson was right behind Campbell usually.  Anderson liked doing it without his floatees-though he can't touch the bottom but would hold his breath until we would get him.  Reagan enjoyed the slide and would also do it without her floatees-she could touch so she was a pro.  Keaton also liked splashing in the pool and then sat with Dana and even demanded a few sips of Dana's icee.
We eventually had to make our crew get out to head to the room for quick baths and a bit of rest.  Disney is loads of fun but it is not a trip for the weary!  Tonight the kids got to sleep around 11 and we will be up at 6 in the morning.  They are already exhausted and this is just the first full day!  Anyway, Campbell did fall asleep on the bed and Graham who also desperately needed a nap did not get to sleep.  Soon we let them go to Grannymom's room since Lilly and Cash were over there.  
Before too long, it was time to leave for Epcot.  Our first stop at Epcot was the coke place.  Anderson had been so looking forward to this and he will be thrilled if we go back next time we are in Epcot.  They were all so excited about trying the cokes.  Proper Reagan wanted to make sure that they could reuse their cups-she didn't want to get new ones if she wasn't supposed to.  Love that girl!
We had dinner reservations in Mexico.  We waited awhile for our table and once they got a look out our crowd, we were sat promptly in the very back of the restaurant.  The food was fine and the service was slow but it was nice to sit for awhile.  As the waiter was taking our drink orders tonight, Campbell looked at him and said "I want a Diet Coke."  It is crazy how much she talks now.  In the car today, she put her face right in Graham's face and screamed to him "I can do it, Graham."   She had the ugliest scowl on her face and it almost made Graham start crying!  Anyway, back to the restaurant the kids were happy about getting to eat churros for dessert (we first had churros in Disneyland a few years ago).  
We have been drinking alot the past few days and it became all too apparent tonight as we we went to the bathroom in the restaurant at least a zillion times-me and Campbell, me and Keaton, me and the boys, the boys and Robby, Reagan and the boys and me and then Anderson by himself.  Maybe that is why they put us in the back-near the bathroom. 
After we finished eating we rode the Mexico boat ride.  As we were about to get on, Campbell ran to the back and screamed "I no ride!"  I guess she thought it was a scary ride but soon calmed and even rode it again with Robby.  
While Robby, Campbell, Graham and Reagan were riding the boat for the second time we were outside catching the end of the illuminations show and there were a few fireworks.  Anderson started running saying "I've got to get Reagan, where's Reagan?"  He knew his sister loved the fireworks-sweet boy.  She did miss them but we will see them again another night.  There will probably be lots of fireworks on the 4th in a few days.
We then walked out of the park, stopping to trade some pins.  Reagan really enjoys the pin trading-I don't!  The pins fall off of the lanyards so easily.  Campbell has lost all of hers.  She wanted so badly to trade a pin tonight so Reagan let her trade one of hers.  Of course, Campbell picked the same pin that Anderson had just given to the lady. 
We rode Spaceship Earth on our way out of the park.  Campbell must have thought it was going to be a roller coaster because she kept telling me-we are going uphill, we are going downhill.  Reagan was pretty impressed that her picture was on the screen in front of her.  When you exit the ride there are always video type games to play on and we usually try to breeze through them but we let the kids play for a bit tonight.  Of course, Campbell left screaming "I don't want to go outside"  She also started sobbing when we drove to the hotel and we told her that we couldn't go swimming tonight after she asked.
Leaving Epcot we quickly found our car and were back to the hotel in no time.  Graham never really woke up from the car ride home and I had to lay with Keaton until she fell asleep.  Tomorrow is a very early morning-wish us luck!

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