The Road Home: July 8, 2012

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Keaton tossed and turned most of the night last night.  I should have known it was going to be a rough night when she kept trying to crawl towards the alarm clock as we were going to sleep (that is when I fell asleep before her-guess she never made it to the alarm clock).  She stirred around 4:30 and I sat up to hold her for a minute.  Robby just went ahead and took his shower.  
We were going to wake up the kids briefly, have them potty and take them to the car in their pajamas.  We had our 2 double strollers and Robby had debated about who he was going to have walk to the car.  Anderson woke up when we were talking and proceeded to talk the entire morning long.  He talked to Keaton, he talked to me, he talked to Robby, he talked to himself....he talked and talked.  I guess I had never noticed that he is my morning child-the others not so much.  Campbell sat in the car, glaring at Anderson with a look that could kill.  
We drove through McDonalds for breakfast which the kids devoured.  And then we made it most of the morning, despite giving everyone their own orange juices, before a bathroom stop.  At the gas station, Reagan and I were sitting in the car while everyone else was taking their bathroom turns.  She looked around and said "there are a lot of brown people around here."  I agreed and went back to sipping my drink.  It is funny what all kids say and notice.
Campbell spent much of her time shouting today.  Most of it was "where's my baby? where's my baby?"-usually on the floor.  And then when she finally was given her baby doll, she would hug it and say "Daddy's right here."  That girl loves her daddy.  Hopefully, again this week, Robby will sneak out of the door before she wakes up when he goes back to work tomorrow.
Well, we drove 2269 miles this trip and a total of 7932 miles have been put on my van since May 18th.  I know that is a lot but the worst thing imaginable happened today.  Remember last trip the rear screen went out and about in Memphis today, the front screen went out in the van.  Seriously?  Does anyone want to buy a van?  How horrible-at least we were at the end of our two summer trips and not at the beginning.
On the way home, we smelt a smell and I wondered aloud if it was Reagan's feet.  She wasn't wearing socks.  Reagan smelled her feet and said that it wasn't hers.  Then Anderson piped up and said "It is too Reagan's feet.  I smelled them and they smell like bear feet."
We made it home a little bit before 2 but first we dropped the kids off at Nonna's house.  Jason was over there and they entertained the kids all afternoon while Robby and I unpacked.  The kids played outside, inside and with all of the toys.  At one time, Anderson said that he wanted to go to his real home.
We brought supper back to Nonna's house and ate with everyone-Pops had even arrived by then.  After cleaning up, it was time to head home. The first thing the kids did when they came home was run upstairs to the bonus room to see the carpet.  We all laid on the floor for awhile-Graham had his etch a sketch and wanted me to make a list of who all was coming to work on the new house.  At the end of my list, he had me add the Dennie cleaning crew (us).  Later he drew a picture of the new shower door-that boy is going to be a builder for sure.  He is taking every bit of this adventure in.
Keaton seemed happy to be home and is really crawling everywhere now and can just about keep up with Campbell-who was continuously taking Keaton's toys tonight.  We put everyone to bed around 8 and didn't hear a peep from anyone except Keaton.  She wasn't too happy about being put in her bed alone tonight but she is now sleeping.

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