July 15, 2012

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  • Yesterday while Graham was working picking up the rocks, he said "take this job and shove it."  Really?  Where did my 3 year old learn that?
  • Anderson joined our bed last night around 2.  He is the one that usually diligently watched the clock for it to turn to 7 before getting out of bed.  The electricity did go out sometime in the middle of the night so maybe that is what woke him up.  
  • After breakfast this morning Keaton was still sitting in her high chair.  Graham went up to her and started screaming "no, Keaton, no."  I immediately turned to get on to him and saw him pointing to her.  I saw her eating a blue fruit look-except we don't have blue fruit loops.  She somehow had gotten a hold of a tiny blue flower barrette.  (Campbell must have been involved in that).  All was well after I retrieved that from her mouth.
  • On the to church, someone said "let's hit the road."  And again I ask, where do they learn these things?
  • Graham really wants to go to big church but has Sunday school and Anderson really wants to go to Sunday school but has to go to big church.  We always want what we can't have.  Keaton had a new class this morning and wasn't too pleased about going in but she went in much better than Campbell who I had to drag 10 feet to get her into the class.
  • Big church was going well with Anderson and Reagan after being out for so many weeks-all until Anderson looked at me and said loudly (or at least I thought so) "is church almost over?"  I wasn't ready for church to be over though because we were heading to Campbell's class for worship care.  The entire hour I spend changing diapers and taking little kids potty.  And all the time, my child didn't potty at all.  Though she did enjoy washing her hands-over and over and over.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and Robby and I decided to run to Home Depot real quick.  And as we were back out of Grannymom's house, Robby didn't see the car parked on the street and bumped right into it. The van was a bit scratched but the other car didn't fair so well.  It was pretty dented in-we debated driving off (not really) but Robby did find the owner.  It was a poor real estate guy there for an open house.  Very nice man though and the insurance has already been called.  
  • Dana asked Campbell if she wanted to go to her house to check on Wilson (the dog).  Campbell said she wanted to go.  And then she added "Reagan go with me."  They went to Dana's to see the dog for a few minutes and then had to come back since Campbell's diaper was full-seriously, that child needs to learn to potty.  I will drop her off at potty camp in the morning (I wish!).
  • The boys stayed at Grannymom's house and spent some time swinging before we came to pick them up.  Then we all headed to the Stott's house.  Before we were even able to leave the kids were outside driving the pink convertible and the 4 wheeler.  You should have seen Anderson on that 4 wheeler-driving like a mad man talking on the CB.  Graham patiently (sometimes) waited on his turn.  Meanwhile in the convertible, Reagan was driving Campbell around the driveway.  
  • They had a big time-pizza, movie, seeing baby bunnies, played outside and had a big time.  Meanwhile, Robby and I stopped at Sonic and then went to make a few copies of school work for this next year.  Then we went to Cheddars for appetizers and a cookie for dessert to celebrate out 12th anniversary.
  • By the time we made it back to the Stott's house, it was late and the kids were tired.  Campbell fell asleep on the way home and Keaton did too. 
  • Oh a few days ago, Campbell told Robby that she wanted to go back to Florida.  He then asked what she wanted to do there.  She replied "see princesses"

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