July 13, 2012

He shoots...he scores!
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  • Another early morning here at this Dennie house-I don't like early mornings.  But I guess that is obvious since I complain about it every morning.  Graham did join us sometime in the middle of the night with a wet bed-has happened every night since I bragged on him in the blog.  
  • I told Graham pretty early this morning that I wanted him to wear a pull up tonight and he had himself a 30 minute fit.  But when it was over, he was my mr. happy again.  He picked up the toy room better than anyone else, picked up sticks outside without me asking, climbed trees and really had a good day.  Love that kid.
  • Now Reagan didn't have such a good day.  Seriously, that child must have been exhausted because she whined, fussed and cried all day long.  If I said something, she would question me multiple times.  If I did something, it wasn't right.  If a sibling touched her, they hurt her.  And on and on it went until this afternoon.
  • Campbell and Keaton both felt much better today.  Keaton was back to her happy self-crawling all around this house and finding a zillion new things to go (under the table), touch (pantry shelves), pull  (electrical cords) and eat (my mop).  
  • All this plus lots of activity on the building front.  The "pipe man" as the boys called him this morning was here bright and early.  He did his do and then left leaving the next step in the hands of the gas company.  Later they showed up and installed the meter and turned the gas on.  But didn't start our hot water heater as the plumber expected them to do.  So the plumber had to return and start the hot water heater.  In doing this, he had to "let the air out" or something like this.  That filled the house up with gas-I had doors and windows open and it still smelled a little gassy when Robby came home.  
  • Later Robby's lawnmower returned from the lawnmower shop in St. Louis.  Robby was so pleased to have it back that he jumped on it as soon as he made it home.  And then he discovered that it still wasn't working correctly-boo!  
  • Anyway, back to the blessed hot water.  We now have hot water-hallelujah!  That means that we just need the painter man to come back for touch ups and then we will be done with our little addition project.  Yippee!  It is clean and now we will just have to move in.  I love my new shower-love it.  And unlimited hot water-my shower tonight made my crazy day a bit better.
  • By this afternoon, everyone was happy (for the most part) again and things had calmed down.  Everyone played outside while Robby cleaned up some of the yard and I worked on the squishy flooring outside our garage door.  When we were just about finished we loaded up the van and headed down the street.  This has become a common occurrence around here.  Since our big dumpster has been gone, when we get a garage full of trash we load it up and head to the school to use their dumpsters since they aren't using them now.  Robby and I can empty the entire trunk of the van or bed of a truck in less than 60 seconds and be back on the road...not that we are hurrying or anything.  Just like our mystery shopping the kids don't understand why we do this.  
  • This time they didn't care because we didn't turn left towards the house we went right to buy them icees as the gas station.  We bought 3 and everyone shared fairly well.
  • After a bit, Pops drove up in his new truck.  Graham was the first one to figure out who it was and was so excited to see them.  Anderson said he thought it was the "pipe man" back.  We oohed and aahed over the truck and then they watched us eat our supper at the picnic table.  After they left it was time to head in to use those new hot showers.
  • Robby showed all 5 kids in the foot shower in the laundry room.  They think we built them a kid sized shower.  Keaton even enjoyed the shower....wonder who will be the first one to decide that they need a shower all by themselves...my bet is Campbell.

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