July 11, 2012

Rough Day!
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  • Campbell's cough woke her up around 5:30 this morning and she laid in bed for a few minutes with us until we heard Keaton.  Keaton's cough had woken her up as well.  So it wasn't even 6 yet and both girls were in bed with us-Campbell is fine to cuddle with but Keaton now knows that she can get around and moves like you wouldn't believe.  Eventually, I brought Keaton's toys in the room and laid on the floor with Campbell-that way I didn't have to worry about Keaton falling off of the bed.
  • I tried to get the kids back in the habit of doing their chores.  No one really complains-they probably like having something to do and enjoy helping.  One of Anderson's was to sweep the kitchen.  Sweeping is hard for a 5 year old but he did get a few crumbs up-enough so that I didn't have to sweep it later.  
  • The plumbing inspector came today and we got a thumbs up.  So that is good, we can carry on and hopefully have hot water in the new shower soon.  Unlimited hot water-heaven!  After he left, we played more of our games and worked a few puzzles.  We are almost finished with the games and puzzles so all that will be left our the grown up games-trying to decide if I should make Robby play them before I move them upstairs like I have done with the kid games.
  • Robby called to say he was coming home for lunch and within minutes of me hanging up 3 kids were all crying at once and at one time I think I heard a 4th.  Poor Keaton and Campbell didn't feel all that great today and were clinging and fussy.  Graham was upset about something and I think on his way down the steps he hit someone else.  Graham did see me taking pictures of Keaton and Campbell while they were screaming and he ran back up the steps when I pointed the camera at him.
  • Since the little girls were tired, I put them down for nap early.  After 30 minutes I heard Campbell screaming for me.  She was awake probably from her cough.  I brought her downstairs and she sat by me while I did some computer work (continuing ed, school planning and writing an eval for work-no facebooking or pinteresting then).
  • Before too long, I was scurrying around getting everyone ready to go and eat supper out with the Stotts.  Campbell and Keaton had a bath together since they had that sickly stinky going on.  I had Anderson watch Keaton while I ran downstairs for something.  I heard him and Reagan telling Campbell to get out of the bath and hurry.  I stopped what I was doing and heard them saw something about Keaton spitting up.  Poor Campbell was beside herself about getting out of that tub quickly.  Everyone was fine and un touched by the floating spit up!
  • Supper was good and the kids did fairly well.  Anderson and Graham played a bit of pool with Mr. Mike and when they came to sit down I asked Anderson "did you win?"   He looked at me and said "don't call me a gentleman!"  Finally, he understood that I was asking if he had won.  
  • So back to on the way to eat....Reagan was combing the hair of her American Girl doll.  They are spending the night at Kennedy's house.  Reagan asked me if I had a rubber band for the dolls hair.  Since I was driving I could only find one in my cup holder-it was red.  I asked "is a red one okay?"  And Reagan replied "yes, it is just a doll."
  • After supper, we came home and the boys played basketball for awhile and then it was time for medicine for the girls and then bed!  We overheard Campbell coughing on the monitor early this evening.  Then Anderson said "are you ok?" and he followed with "drink your water."  She must have said that she couldn't get any and Graham helped by saying "stand up and drink it but don't get out of your bed."  Those two boys were taking care of their little sister since Reagan wasn't there to be the momma.
  • Right now there is little coughing going on and lots of sleeping!  Crossing my fingers that lasts all night!

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