July 16, 2012

Tiny Bunny!
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  • Graham woke up screaming "Mommy, Daddy, I'm ready to wake uuuuuuuuup."  That is not the way to wake up your parents.  When things like that happen-you have to sit out at the pool for 2 minutes.  He eventually came downstairs, Robby went upstairs, Graham went upstairs, Robby came down followed by Anderson, Campbell and Reagan.  Seriously, our mornings around here are comical!
  • Robby waited for the painters early this morning and we headed out to swim for a bit this morning.  The kids did good and no one had to be rescued!  Keaton wasn't too pleased to be in the cold water but everyone else really loved it.  Reagan spent most of her time swimming in the shallow end while holding her nose.  Anderson worked on gathering the dive rings.  Campbell and Graham worked their way around the pool staying busy.
  • Before lunch we headed home, but first we stopped to see the bunnies.  Anderson held one gladly.  Campbell wanted to hold one until I put it on her dress and she cried/screamed.  Reagan wanted to hold one without really touching it but did manage to hold it.  And my Graham wasn't going to come near that bunny at all-smart kid.
  • Keaton and Campbell fell asleep on the way home but both woke up for lunch.  After lunch, Anderson watched a movie.  And that child likes the lights off and the blinds down for his movies.  And he sits in one particular spot (my side of the bed) no mater what-even if someone is there, even if he has been playing outside and is nasty (happened Saturday).  
  • Soon Anderson decided to go outside and Reagan and Graham followed after we finished playing a game.  I then woke Keaton and Campbell up and they also joined them.  Keaton loves sitting in the wagon and I did look the other way when the kids pushed her all around the yard as fast as they could-she did love it after all!
  • When Robby came home, Campbell took something to the mail box for him and then started throwing rocks.  As we tried to tell her not to throw them she let one go.  She threw it straight up-and then it fell straight down-right on her face!!
  • We washed the kids-Campbell, Graham and Keaton in the bathtub and Reagan in our new shower.  Reagan said that she loved the shower-and I know that she will want to start taking all of her baths in there.  Now Anderson thought that my shower would be too hot so he opted for the foot shower.  Anderson doesn't like anything hot or even warm-like a shower or like supper tonight.  He wouldn't eat until he was sure his spaghetti was no longer warm.
  • After supper the kids had popsicles and I was herding them all upstairs when someone spotted Nonna and Pops out of the window.  They had brought over our fire pit table-it had been shipped to them when we were out of town and now Pops was having trouble getting his new big truck in the garage.  
  • They stayed for a bit and then it was bedtime. Tomorrow's plans-Nonna's house while I work, review Awanas, work with Anderson on tying his shoe and that is about it!  (ha, there will be much more than that but that sounds like the fun things!)
  • House Update-Complete!  Whoop Whoop!  The painters came for their final touch ups today and we are officially done!  It didn't take too long and we survived.  Worst Part: Waiting (Robby) and things being disorganize (Tara). Best Part: Watching the workers-especially the framers (Kids).  And now the real best part is enjoying the new part of the house-3 car garage, mud room, second laundry room, master bath, master closet, bonus room and bonus bathroom!  

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