July 24, 2012

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  • Anderson was talking to Nonna last night as she was passing out their pieces of cake.  He said "that's what grandma's are for."
  • After staying up a little late last night, the kids again slept in a tad this morning.  Campbell and Graham were in my bed drinking their milk when I came out of the shower.  
  • I took everyone to Nonna's house this morning while I ran to Sams, Kroger, the library and then to see my work kid.  It was a pretty busy morning for me and a pretty busy morning for the kids.  They did some of their school work, watched a movie, played with the toy food, had a snack, read some Bible stories and had lunch.
  • When we came home this afternoon, we put Keaton to bed for her nap.  Then it was time for Campbell's nap but her sheets were in the wash.  I was brave and put her in Reagan's bed for her nap.  I had no idea if it would work and Campbell did not want to sleep on the bottom but on the top.  I tucked her in and crossed my fingers and then never heard anything out of her for 3 hours until I heard her calling me on the monitor.  Can't believe that it worked and can't believe that she stayed in bed-maybe she is getting ready for a big girl bed.
  • Well, as good as school was yesterday, it was the complete opposite today.  The kids are just tired in the afternoon and it shows.  Reagan was whiny and Anderson would quickly give up.  Though when I mentioned a science experiment when we finished school they did perk up a bit..  So our science experiment were making ocean gyres-surface currents (I had never heard of gyres before today).  We did this by blowing cheerios around a casserole dish with straws.  This was big time stuff to the kids.
  • Then I had them help me pick up a bit and Campbell helped me hang our new shower curtain in the den.  Then it was time for the Kennedy, Laynie and Camryn to come over.  We ate and then the kids mostly played outside.  They had a blast catching grasshoppers and lightening bugs.  This place is quite the jungle around here.....read on.
  • As we were doing school this afternoon, I came out of the bathroom and saw 8 kids in the yard.  One (a 5 year old) was poking something with a big stick.  I looked closer and it was a snake.  I watched for a minute and then went out to tell the 5 year old to put the stick down and back up.  The kids had gotten their grandpa and he jumped over the fence with his ax to take care of my little snake.  Except it wasn't little-copperhead about 2 inches thick and at least 3 feet.  Yep, we are putting the house up for sale tomorrow and moving to an apartment building-no snakes there!

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