July 28, 2012

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  • Well this was another day to celebrate Graham's birthday and we started this morning with our traditional doughnut breakfast birthday.  Reagan has been on a kick lately to have everyone wear the same colors but the boys were already in different colored shirts so she was disappointed.  We all loaded up and then loaded up for Dunkin' Donuts.  The line was long but the kids waited fairly patiently while Keaton and I held a booth.  
  • We put our candle in his doughnut and Graham smiled from ear to ear.  And after doughnuts Reagan gave Graham his gift from her-a homemade pirate hat, a card and a little baggie full of money.  I had tried to tell her not to give him so much (it was 2.??) but she said he needed it all.  Sweet little girl.
  • We had a quick stop at Home Depot on the way home and then the kids tore into the house pushing, shoving and shouting trying to get to the new remote control car first.  Since Robby and I were going to work outside for a bit, I made them come outside.  Needless to say they were not pleased with me though by the end they did find something to do-while still complaining about being outside and being hot.  
  • Robby laid some stepping stones to our outside sink and I put up the rest of the party stuff.  By the end of our hour and a half outside we were hot, hot, hot. Showers for everyone and then birthday party leftovers for lunch.  Then it was the highlight of day for the kids-putting together the hot wheels wall track.  It didn't take too long for Robby to do considering he had five helpers-yep, Keaton was even in on the mix.  
  • Sometime today, I asked Campbell if she could count.  She said "1, 2, here I come, ready or not."  Maybe we have a bit more work to do.
  • After they played for awhile, it was nap time.  I had told the kids because of how they acted earlier they would have to rest.  So Keaton and Campbell had their naps and Reagan, Anderson and Graham all laid in the living room with books.  I went up to the den to chat with Robby for a minute and came down.  Anderson immediately asked me to read a book and then Reagan did.  By the last book, my eyes were so heavy and blurry that I could barely get the words out.  
  • So I did what anyone would do-I sent them to watch a movie!  I did get Graham to lay down with me for a bit but he soon left but then I found out that little guy went up to take a nap with Robby.  After naps/rests for everyone we all changed again out of our pajamas (yes, we all put on our pjs after our showers) and left the house again.
  • This time for Whole Hog and then Orange Leaf-since it was just right next door.  During supper, I took a picture of Anderson and before he smiled at me, he made sure that he turned his cup so the camera could see the logo.  Graham got himself birthday cake ice cream!  Back at home, everyone had a few more minutes to play and then time to pick up-everyone always wants to play and no one ever wants to pick up!  

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