Disney Day 4: July 3, 2012

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Full post will be made later (the main writer is already sleeping) but here a few highlights:....Robby posted the recap last night because I was snoozing away.  The plan was for me to lay with Keaton until she fell asleep but since it was one in the morning, it didn't take me too long to fall asleep myself.  So now it is the afternoon of the 4th and let's see what all I can remember from the day before.
It was Hollywood Studios day and we were up and ready to go pretty early.  I passed out poptarts and Graham told me that he didn't want a pop tart, he wanted to eat where Mickey Mouse was.  That boy is already spoiled.  Then he had a few minutes before we left and took every pillow in the room and made a fort.  Anderson was so impressed with Graham's handy work.  And even a bit after that, I listened to him while he was pottying and he was just singing away "Thank you Jesus for all the states that you made-Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida"-that is a pretty well traveled 3 year old.
This morning was green day and we all had on some shade of green.  Yesterday morning I had on a shirt matching Shelley's and this morning Dana and I matched-we all shop at the same place!  We let the girls ride the bus to Hollywood Studios this morning with Grannymom and Grandpa.  And we were all there and even on Toy Story before the park officially opened at 9.  The bigger kids went to ride Rocking Roller Coaster but all of my crew and Cash stayed with us and Grannymom and Grandpa.  We did the Toy Story ride (just an aside-but I beat Robby and I was even holding Keaton) and then watched the Disney Jr show.  Campbell was so into the show and would shout "oh, toodles" louder than most of the kids there! 
Next the others all met us at Toy Story and we rode it again.  This time I did let Robby beat me-I didn't want for him to feel bad.   We then spent a few minutes on the Honey I shrunk the Kids playground-we usually think it is hard to round up our crew but poor Robby was the only one in there and was left to round up 8 kids.  He finally got most of them and we headed on to the car show.
I was afraid that it was going to be in the sun but it was shaded so that was nice-it was still hot, hot, hot.  The boys loved this show.  Graham had his hands over his ears most of the time-well, all of the time.  But Anderson was a few rows behind him and was taking it all in.  They could have watched that show again.  
Next up was lunch at Starring Rolls Cafe on the other side of the park.  It was good but the desserts were huge and wonderful and make me so happy just to think about.  We had two huge butterfinger cupcakes.  They were better than anything that I have ever had in my entire life-seriously.  We then left the park and headed back to the room for a short nap time and then to swim.
So swimming this time-yep, a Dennie rescue had to again be performed.  Ha!  This time not by a life guard buy by me.  We were taking off our clothes and I did my head count and one was missing-Graham.  I looked over just in time to see him jumping off of the ladder into the pool-without his floatees.  He was so excited that he had forgotten that he needed them.  Anyway, a lady sitting on the edge got in and grabbed him and I had already jumped in myself and was there as well.  He came up unphased and didn't seem to notice what the big deal was. 
We all showered off pretty quickly and parked in the Magic Kingdom parking lot and then rode the monorail to Epcot.  Everyone was so excited to ride the monorail and narrated the entire trip for the other passengers.  Once at Epcot, we went straight to Norway for the dinner.  We had a bit of time to spare so Robby took the big 4 on the Norway boat ride while I stayed back with Keaton who was resting in the stroller.  Before too long it was time for dinner and Reagan and Campbell went to change into their princess dresses....and that just didn't go so well.
My Reagan was absolutely beautiful in her princess dress and acted like a princess.  My Campbell, well, she just did not want to wear that dress at all.  Robby had to promise her that we could take it off as soon as we took a picture with a princess.  And as soon as we did, she was about to rip that dress off right in the restaurant.  I did manage to get her back to the bathroom to change and after that she was all about standing near (just near, not beside) the princesses.  We saw Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.  That was pretty good for our oh so important autograph books.  The boys are sharing an autograph book and Graham didn't want to get their autographs but Anderson sure did.  He is only concerned with the number of autographs he can get-even wanted to have characters sign it twice today!
After our meal, everyone rode the Norwegian boat ride during a little rain shower.  We then left Epcot during a crazy lightening storm.  There were only a few people at Magic Kingdom since it was the night before a holiday, the fireworks and parades were about to start and since they were opened late!  I wish-that park was crazy!  To get in the park, they even made us go through a back entrance.   
We did manage to ride the Haunted Mansion and when we finished we saw the spectacular 4th of July fireworks.  The fireworks were being shot off from at least 6 different places.  It was amazing. (I had always thought when I saw the fireworks for an inauguration in DC that nothing could top that but these did).  Watching those did make up for all of those times that we had to drag Reagan out of the park while she was running looking backwards.  
Of course, all of this firework watching made for long lines when we made it to Thunder Mountain.  But that was fine, we all rode (not Robby, Keaton or Campbell) and it was a pretty rowdy ride-the cousins were all a little wild by this time-sleep deprived.  
We then headed out of the park because it was nearly 12!  We made it back to the hotel and Graham, Campbell and Keaton were all asleep from the car so we changed them and put them in their beds for the night.  Keaton of course did wake up and I had to lay be her to get her to sleep and soon I was fast asleep as well!
  • Campbell, Graham and Keaton asleep by the time we made it to hotel; others quickly to bed including Mom

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