July 17, 2012

Summertime Popsicles!
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  • I went upstairs to tuck in the kids (and get something out of the attic) around midnight last night.  Reagan was laying with her head off the bed, Anderson was laying sideways, Campbell was uncovered and Graham was laying with his head on the other end of the bed.  As I moved Graham I felt his wet bed and clothes.  I got him up and changed everything and then he went back to sleep...
  • Or that was the plan.  I heard him whining once saying his was scared and went up there and then as we were about to go to sleep, we heard Campbell and him fussing.  Robby used the speaker on the baby monitor and told him to come downstairs.  We listened but didn't hear his footsteps and Robby told him again.  Since the fussing continued, I went up there.  Graham must not have wanted to go downstairs but Campbell sure did.  I finally got her calm and Graham downstairs and tucked into our bed.  He kept saying that he was scared-finally, I realized that I had the dryer on and that has bothered him before.  Of course, by that time he was all snug in our bed.
  • Surprisingly, everyone slept well and we didn't wake up until 7:30.  We scurried around and headed to Nonna's house.  I lingered for a bit and then went to see my kid, then to Target, my work clinic and the grocery store.  I bought 5 gallons of milk on Thursday and today they had 5 gallons on clearance so I snatched them up.  A lady stopped and asked me what I was going to do with all of that milk.  I started in with "well, I have 5 kids so..." and she quickly cut my off and said "Oh, I understand."
  • After my grocery store run, I went home to unload and Robby showed up with his new tool bench.  We started putting it together-in the garage, during the hottest part of the day and we both only had a few minutes.  We stayed working on it too long but I finally made it back to pick up the kids.  As I was leaving the lawnmower man was arriving to pick up the lawnmower.  
  • The kids had a wonderful day with Nonna.  They had scrambled eggs for breakfast, played outside for a bit, had lunch, ate popsicles outside, some had baths and everyone was happy when I picked them up.  We made it home and the little girls were asleep before 3.  I did a bit of work around the house while the others played and soon it was time to wake Keaton and Campbell.
  • As I was changing Campbell's diaper, I asked her if she wanted to go to the potty.  She shook her head no and then said "I want candy, I go to the potty."  Ok, she sat on the potty but nothing happened-except her getting a few tiny pieces of candy.  I asked if she pottied and she just looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says "I did, I did."
  • We had our supper and the kids got in trouble for shutting doors so they had to clean the toy room.  They worked for awhile so we snuck outside to work on that blasted tool bench some more.  We worked until almost 9 on it-the kids eventually came outside to play.  Keaton stayed in the wagon until she was tired and went to bed.
  • Anderson played at the neighbors house until one of the kids threw a ball at him and he got hurt.  Of course, we don't know if it was an accident or not.  Anderson did say that the boy said something mean but he "forgot" what it was.  Who knows but Anderson was back outside after a few minutes.  (Those stinking neighbor boys spent some of their day taking apart our burn pile-seriously?  I have looked into bb guns and they aren't that expensive).  
  • Graham and Reagan so love climbing our climbing trees.  Of course, Graham did get stuck in a tree tonight but we got him down easily enough.  Around 8:30, I brought the kids in and hosed them off in the foot shower (kid sized shower) and was able to get everyone to bed fairly quickly.

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