July 19, 2012

Chick-fil-a was calling our name!
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  • Way too early this morning, I was laying upstairs helping make a lincoln log house-2 that is.  Anderson was making one and Graham also wanted one.  We have only enough to build one big house and one small house but everyone wants big houses so I had to work my lincoln log building magic.
  • Anderson noticed the peg board on his tool bench this morning and shouted "just like Daddy's" and then he spent quite awhile arranging his tools on that peg board.
  • I was cutting broccoli this morning and someone said that I should cut it over the bowl. I told them that I couldn't do that but Nonna could.  Anderson added "Nonna is the best at doing everything."-he is no longer my favorite!  (kidding-I don't have a favorite)
  • Reagan slept until well after 8 and I gave her breakfast before I headed out the door to go and see my work kid for a few minutes.  Robby was working from home today so he was in charge-or at least I thought he was.  When I drove up, Campbell and Graham were sitting in the mud room waiting on me.  They started jumping up and down when I drove up.  
  • "Mud Room" that is what I have been calling our new room.  That is not really what it is though so I don't really know what to call it.  Reagan suggested "big window" and it does have huge windows but I just don't know if that name will stick. I am open to all suggestions.
  • Sometime today, Robby was killing a bug in that mud room.  He told Campbell to leave since it was a wasp and she didn't.  She started calling "come here buggy, come here."  This went on until the bug started toward her and then those chunky little legs flew up to two steps into Robby's office.
  • As the kids were cleaning up this morning, Anderson must have thought that I was being a bit too bossy because I overheard him saying "it is like Mom's the queen and we are her servants."  Hmm, I kind of like that.  Actually, I am just now realizing how beneficial all of this child labor is.
  • Anderson threw a dog toy up the stairs and it pegged Campbell right in the eye.  Campbell cried and cried saying "that dog got me."  Poor thing, it probably left a bit of a mark.
  • Patrick came over for lunch and to check out the new house.  The kids were all good and devoured their food and I kept pouring them more and more drinks so they would be quiet.  It worked-and since I sent them outside this afternoon they were able to run off all of that extra energy from their drinks.
  • While outside, the neighbor girl pushed Anderson down.  She said it was an accident but him and Graham thought differently.  Graham accompanied him to the door to get me so I knew it must be serious.  Reagan denied seeing anything-wasn't going to tell on anyone.  Now, I don't know what happened.  It could have been an accident and Anderson just thought it was on purpose.  I reminded that second grader that she keeps her hands to herself at this house.  Though I wanted to shout "you let my 5 year old on that swing you big bully!"  
  • Later the neighbor boys came around with two dogs.  Graham didn't last too long outside after that.  The dogs eventually left but we could never get Graham back outside.  I told him I would make sure that they didn't came back out.  Anyway, while the neighbor boys were out and especially after Anderson got pushed, Robby and I made sure all of the kids saw that they were being watched by us peering out of the windows.  
  • Update on our neighbors-seems like aunt and uncle have joined mom at the neighbor house.  Mom's kids are in Utah for the summer and aunt's kids are the boys that are always over anyways since they use this address as their address for their school.  Though I am diligently praying that the house will go up for sale and we will get new neighbors.  That could be a gamble but I know who I want to be our new neighbors so I am praying for that too!
  • Reagan had her hair in braided pig tails today and I told her that it was cute.  She smiled and said "I know."  Soon it was bath time for all of the stinky kids-just a few hours in 100 degree weather and they all needed a bath.  After baths for everyone, I dressed everyone in red since they were all going to chick fil a (without me) while I was going to a baby shower.
  • When we left, I pulled out first and Robby and the kids were following me.  They thought that it was so funny, that I was ahead of them.  Graham asked me why my bunko lasted so long.  I made sure that he knew when I was home tonight.
  • So at Chick Fil A, the big 4 were playing on the slide.  Robby peeked his head in on them to give them a 5 minute warning before eating.  A lady asked if Campbell was his and he said yes (or so he thought).  She added that she thought she was stinky.  Taking 5 kids to the bathroom to change Campbell was not what Robby wanted to do.  He asked and Campbell denied it and then he checked and thankfully it was not her.  A few minutes later that mom walked by and told Robby that it was her kid that was stinky and not Campbell.  Mind your own business lady (goodness, I am feeling tacky tonight).
  • At home, Robby got Keaton down.  A few things about Keaton today-she wants me to hold her all of the time but she loves to crawl all around this house.  Also, she ate more beans for lunch than any of the kids-I think I have found her favorite food.  After she went down, Robby easily put the others down.  

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