July 12, 2012

Drinking daddy's coke!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We told everyone that they could only wake up at 7 but by 6:30 I had lost count of how many little people were in our bed.  Robby went ahead and got up and I tried to lay still so no one would notice me-didn't work.
  • Anderson was ready to watch a movie first thing this morning (addicted) but we didn't let him so Graham decided that he wanted to get his clothes on and not eat breakfast here so he could get to Grannymom's house sooner.  Everyone loaded up-all but Reagan who had spend the night at Kennedy's house.  Campbell had her beloved water bottle that she carried with her all day long yesterday (and then we left it at Grannymom's house-eek but I think she has forgotten about it right now)
  • Reagan spent the morning eating donuts, running errands, painting, making butterflies, playing American Girl doll and driving the car (kiddie sized car).  She had a blast but when I asked her if she wanted to spend another night, she said that she was ready to come home.  I knew my baby would miss me eventually!
  • The boys had a great time at Grannymom's house today especially since Cash was there.  By the looks of things they played outside and inside and had a blast.  Campbell felt much better today than yesterday but Keaton felt a bit lousy today.  She had an hour and half nap at Grannymom's house and a 3 hour nap here.  Campbell also had 3 hour nap here-playing at Grannymom's house wore them out.
  • This afternoon the boys watched a movie, played on the ipad and spent quite a while playing dominoes.  Usually Anderson and Reagan play together the most while Graham does his own thing or will join in.  But when Reagan is gone Anderson and Graham are inseparable.  Though their new thing is to wrestle all of the time-I know that is just normal boy stuff but come on, give it a rest.  Someone always gets hurt.
  • Jodee brought Reagan back and soon after they left, Robby loaded up the big 3 to go and eat BBQ.  We were all going but the gas man was coming to the house to turn on the gas.  He ended up coming just as I was about to put Keaton and Campbell in the bath tub.  Anyway, gas man was very nice but didn't put in new gas meter.  (Fuzzy details: need to have the plumber test the line from the house to the appliances and the inspector needs to sign off on a card before it can be done-I know more about gas than I ever thought possible).
  • Robby said the kids were good at supper but as always 3 kids by yourself can be a bit of a challenge-especially when you have to order at the counter or take one to the bathroom.  Campbell decided just as Robby was loading everyone into the car that she wanted to go too but by then it was too late.  I told her she could have some of Robby's coke and she settled down.  We sent Robby a picture of her happily drinking his coke so he could know that she stopped screaming.  He sent a video back and then we replied with a video of Campbell talking to him. And then we spent the rest of the evening watching and re watching those videos.
  • The girls were getting out of the bathtub when the big kids returned home.  Keaton is now a mess in the bathtub. She just wants to stand up over and over again.  Eventually, I was able to get her clean and everyone was put to bed.  When I sat down to do the blog, we realized that we didn't have any pictures from the day, so I ran upstairs to take a few pictures of the kids sleeping.  Does that make me a bad parent that I forgot to take their pictures today?  

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